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The New Kids In Class – Part 4: Millennial Parents

In the final chapter of The New Kids In Class we’ll look at Millennial parents and how they raise Generation Z students. A whopping 80% of annual U.S. births come from Millennial parents and that number will only go up in the coming years. As no real surprise, Millennials differ drastically from Generation X or […]

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Customer Coach (Houston, TX)

You have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience

You have a minimum 5 years experience in a functional training and adult learning role

You have advanced working knowledge of MS Office applications, including: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

You have strong presentation and group facilitation skills; familiar and competent with audience-engagement methods and techniques appropriate for all types […]

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Software Implementation Manager (Houston, TX)

Cybersoft PrimeroEdge is a leading provider of software solutions to Child Nutrition Departments in K-12 school districts and State Agencies across the nation. Our product, PrimeroEdge, is an end-to-end solution which addresses all business operation needs for school food service. We are a fast-paced, rapidly expanding company (with a small company feel) located in the […]

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The New Kids In Class Part 3: Building Your Digital Community

As we saw in part 2 of The New Kids In Class, Generation Z are known as Digital Natives due to growing up and surrounding themselves with technology. This being the case, schools and cafeterias must rethink how they serve students.

Consumers are increasingly moving online. With Amazon and Netflix, brick and mortar has been replaced […]

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Solutions Expert (Houston, TX)

We are looking for a talented and competitive Solutions Expert for the Solutions Team that thrives on building relationships with customers and prospects in order to help them achieve excellence in their child nutrition program with our software solutions. The successful candidate will play a fundamental role in achieving our ambitious customer acquisition and revenue […]

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The New Kids In Class – Part 2: Digital Natives

In part 1 on The New Kids In Class we looked at the latest generation entering schools: Generation Z. For part 2, we’ll discover why Gen Z are also known by the name ‘Digital Natives’.

First coined by Marc Prensky in his book “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” in 2001, the name describes students who have grown […]

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The New Kids In Class – Part 1: Who Are Generation Z?

Forget Millennials, Generation Z are the new kids on the block.

Generation Z (commonly called Gen Z, or the iGeneration) are the latest generation following Millennials, and they’re big. According to Forbes, Generation Z make up 25% of the U.S. population – outnumbering both Baby Boomers and Millennials. While Millennials are getting all the attention, Generation Z […]

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5 Superfoods To Kick Start Back To School

With back to school upon us, now is the perfect time to make sure students are eating the most nutritious and brain-growing food possible. What better food to kick start a developing mind than superfoods?

For the unaware, a superfood is defined as “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.”

While there […]

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That Parmesan You’re Eating Might Be More Wood Than Cheese

“Fake food” isn’t just Play-Doh spaghetti or mud pies. No, it turns out a growing percentage of U.S. foods are being passed off as the genuine article when in reality they’re nothing but cheap knockoffs.

Many everyday food items are not as they seem. Everything from olive oil, parmesan cheese, and yes, even lobster are often […]

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Nutritional Labels Aimed At Curbing Junk Food Consumption Prove Ineffective

While the USDA recently approved changes to nutritional labels, it may do little to curb obesity and unhealthy eating habits. Researchers led by Alessia Cavaliere at Universita degli Studi di Milano in Italy found that detailed nutritional panels are less likely to influence shoppers than health claims on the front of food packages. In particular, […]

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