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I am a Marketing Specialist for PrimeroEdge who specializes in creating targeted content that spans diverse cultural, generational, linguistic, political and socioeconomic demographics. An innate nerdiness has me cuckoo for constantly keeping up with the latest in content and digital marketing trends! My current mission? Joining the good fight to support those who keep our children healthy with knowledge and nourishment.

PEP Talks | 025 | Peli Peli

Thomas Nguyen, CMO of Peli Peli (top Houston restaurant) shares his secrets for putting customers first and how to serve up exotic food to ensure it’s a hit.

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Peli Peli (Main Site)
Restaurant Startup (video)
Positive Phil (interview)
Stumbles, Strategies and Insights (Thomas Nguyen featured on HoustonPress)

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PEP Talks | 024 | World Record Health

Colin O’Brady walks us through his ascent to becoming a World Record mountain climber and shares his passion for promoting healthy lifestyles for children.

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Beyond 72 – Colin’s Cause
Alliance for a Healthier Generation
Elite Mountain Climber Fights Childhood Obesity

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5 Food Trends for 2017

The holidays are over and the New Year is here! Let’s kick off 2017 by taking a look at 5 food trends nationwide that might just find a place in your school nutrition program.

Bigger, Badder Breakfast

Restaurants across the country are now offering all-day long breakfast options. Breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner no […]

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PEP Talks | 022 | Food Service Fusion

In part 2 of Michael Rosenberger’s interview, we explore the importance of creating familiar flavor profiles, share some savory recipes and give you a rundown on what you should be doing to get ready for summer feeding

Part 2 of 2 part interview.

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Meet Michael
Irving ISD Food & Nutrition Department
Sample Breakfast Cart […]

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PEP Talks | 021 | All About Breakfast

Michael Rosenberger, Director of Food & Nutrition Services, Irving ISD (TX) shares how he revamped his breakfast program to achieve more than 60% participation and how you can do it too.

Part 1 of 2 part interview.

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Meet Michael
Irving ISD Food & Nutrition Department
Sample Breakfast Cart Announcement

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PEP Talks – 019 – On the Fly

Chris Johnson, Nutrition Services Director of Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska gives us a glimpse into school nutrition on the last frontier and shares some sound advice for anyone expecting to encounter wild winter weather.

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Nutrition Services
Matanuska-Susitna Borough

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PEP Talks – 018 – Maximum Experience

Michele Carroll, Business Director of Minneapolis Public Schools shares some valuable lessons she’s learned from outside of the school nutrition industry and how she’s used this experience to produce some impressive results in her program.

Want the full experience?
See what the district is up to…

Minneapolis Public Schools Culinary & Wellness Services
Check them out on […]

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PEP Talks – 017 – Flavor, Flavor, Flavor

Laura Mason, Assistant Director of Child Nutrition, Pasadena Independent School District (Texas), joins us to discuss her success in keeping 40,000 mouths and minds fed daily by promoting positivity and abundance of flavor. Uncover the magic that led this district to receive Top Work Places 2015 recognition by the Houston Chronicle.

Want more flavor?
See what the […]

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PEP Talks – 016 – Farm Fresh Seconds

Melissa Froelich of Upper Moreland Township School District (Pennsylvania) shares how to prepare and present otherwise “ugly” farm fresh fruits and vegetables that students are sure to love.

See more ugly fruits and veggies:

Misfit Fruits and Veggies Coming to Whole Foods (NPR)
The Future of Vegetables is Ugly (Washington Post)
How Ugly Fruits and Vegetables Can Solve […]

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Munchie Machine

Boulder Valley School District’s Head Chef Brandy Dreibelbis joins us to chat about how their “Munchie Machine” food truck came to fruition. Want to get started? Skip to the quick tips below or take a listen to the podcast for a full walk-through of creating and marketing your very own food truck today!
Get Truckin’
Cool and free-and-reduced […]

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