Pre-Emptive Checking

Proactive monitoring as it the forefront when it comes to PrimeroEdge software. Issues with data flow between schools? Our team can spot errors in real time and preemptively stop problems before they start.

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Eligibility Processing

Enjoy PrimeroEdge’s unique, automated free and reduced eligibility processing solution with Student Eligibility. Features both application scanning and document management. Provide faster service, high accountability, and greater service to your district’s families – all while virtually eliminating manual data entry.

Online Offerings

Cybersoft’s PrimeroEdge Online is an annual subscription based software service designed to deliver an affordable solution for K-12 school nutrition departments. Software as a Service (Saas) or online software is a subscription-based solution where the provider takes over the management and support of the software.


Streamline and simplify the implementation of PrimeroEdge through Cybersoft’s partnership approach with our experienced professional implementation team. We work directly with your IT department and meal program employees so your Child Nutrition Department can ensure your district’s objectives are more than met.