PrimeroEdge Menu Planning is USDA-approved for both use in certification of compliance with lunch meal requirements and conducting nutrient analyses that meet Food and Nutrition Service requirements. We’ve got you covered – no more remembering complicated regulations and scenarios.

Recognize Eligibility

Use PrimeroEdge Student Eligibility to immediately recognize application type and eligibility (i.e. SNAP, foster child, income) determined in accordance to USDA guidelines. Automated selection of applications for Verification and easy tracking of the applications through the process will help to comply with USDA requirements.

Accurate Claims

Never again worry about duplicate reimbursement meals. The PrimeroEdge software tracks all meals served to generate accurate claims and exclude human error.

Team Work

Through the use of Team Work, ditch the paper and record training for all trainees with a couple clicks to fully and effortlessly comply with Professional Standards rules.