Reduce Line Time

Avoid line fatigue with Point of Service Cashier. Each terminal has a queuing capability, allowing students to enter their ID numbers before reaching the end of the line. This eliminates gaps and speeds up serving lines, adding more participation and increase to revenues.


Make It Easy
Give parents a quick and easy way to make payments with SchoolCafe – encouraging participation due to ease and convenience.

Identify Students

Increase program participation and revenue by identifying students who have not reapplied with their siblings with PrimeroEdge Student Eligibility. PrimeroEdge identifies students eligible to receive meal benefits by linking family members with previous application history.

Versatile POS

Unpopular items that go to waste only add to food costs. A simple look at our menu insight reports shows exactly which items are underperforming. Now cutting menu items is much more than simple guess work.

Offer The Best

Using our system’s menu insight reports, sidestep the foods students tend to reject and instead offer only the best sellers students love to eat and share.