Quick And Easy Rollovers

End-of-year rollovers are time consuming as well as labor demanding. PrimeroEdge simplifies your rollover process to nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse – saving you on excess end-of-year labor demands.

Limit Loss

PrimeroEdge POS keeps your honest people honest – Safeguard cash handling with blind close.  Cashiers enter closing drawer counts ‘blind.’

Financial Reporting

By reducing confusion and simplifying financial reporting, PrimeroEdge Financials reduces complexity through advanced data organization. Effortlessly calculate meals per labor hour and profit & loss statements while reducing manual workload.

Multiply Staff

With PrimeroEdge POS being a quick learn for staff, adding multiple serving lines to one POS is not only and easy adjustment for cashiers, it cuts down on unnecessary labor costs.

Best-In-Class Training

All staff and managers receive comprehensive conventional classroom style training for all PrimeroEdge modules ensuring effective and efficient use of modules to reduce costs and confusion.
Cybersoft provides documentation that reinforces product training by offering simple and precise step-by-step answers to user questions and by providing specific examples that emphasize product features and functions.

Online Apps

  • Free!
  • Parents can submit applications from any computer
  • Reduce the number of paper applications that you have to print