Healthy Classroom Catering

For those of us involved with school nutrition, we know that our number one priority is to feed America’s youth. We also play a part in instilling healthy habits in our students from a young […]

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PEP Talks | 036 | Milk Money

One afternoon, Jackie Oelfke found her five-year-old granddaughter, Sunshine, counting money from her piggy bank on the living room floor. When she asked Sunshine what the money was for – her response will melt your heart. […]

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The War on Milk

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat or meat alternative – what’s missing from this nutritional line-up to create a reimbursable lunch in a school nutrition program? It’s milk, or a milk alternative, of course. As per the […]

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Communication – The Key to a Successful Statewide Menu Planning Implementation

Most of us have heard that the three most important factors in real estate are “Location, Location, Location.” Similarly, I would suggest that the key to a successful statewide menu planning software implementation is “Communication, […]

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PEP Talks | 035 | Hairnets and Aprons

Ever thought to yourself, “I bet I could write a book with all the crazy things that happen to me in child nutrition”? JoAnn Wismer did just that. Tune in as JoAnn shares her experiences […]

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