PEP Talks | 027 | Farm to School Coordinator

Jodie Anderson shares how her enthusiasm for soil science has transformed farm to school efforts in Alaska, how to get students excited about eating home-grown food, and the benefits of designating a farm to school […]

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PEP Talks | 026 | Colin’s Friends

Join Colin and his mom, creator of Colin’s Friends, as they share the story behind their surprise rise to fame, the importance of inclusion and the creation of Be Kind Day.

Want more Be Kind […]

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Celebrate Be Kind Day on March 9

After encountering a lack of inclusiveness from children at school, Colin’s mother Jennifer posted an appeal on Facebook which has since went viral. In 2014, Jennifer asked America to become one of “Colin’s Friends” and wish him […]

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Strategic Low Cost Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Stop by your school’s cafeteria during the next meal service. Observe the students walking towards the trash can.  How much of the plate are they throwing away?As school nutrition professionals (and some of us, parents), […]

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Cut Costs in Your SNP with These Money-Saving Tips – Part 1

It’s no secret that school nutrition programs across the country must operate on tight budgets. It’s absolutely incredible to me how, with extremely limited funding, school nutrition programs still find a way to serve healthy […]