How Are You Valuing Your Commodities?

If you’ve been following my cost-cutting blog series, you’ve probably picked up a few tips for saving money in your child nutrition program. In the first blog, we discussed four tips, including streamlining labor tracking and implementing e-Marketing. In the second blog, four more tips were offered, including trimming the menu and practicing invoice reconciliation.

In […]

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Fight the Frost

As we wander further into winter, frosty weather is typically a seasonal theme. With most schools heading into the holiday break, the question of what to do with surplus food might be on your mind. The weather outside may be frightful, but freezing certain foods could be more so. Take a gander our unlucky 7 […]

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Cutting Costs Through Inventory Management

Some days, do you feel like your nutrition program is hemorrhaging money? All that food waste and lack of efficiencies is enough to drive a School Nutrition Director mad!

Fortunately, there are a few things that you can employ to help you cut costs in your school foodservice operation. The more money you can save, the […]

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Making USDA Foods Work For Your Program

My loyal inventory readers – the time has come. We are at the final post in this inventory series that I’ve been publishing every Tuesday for several months now. Let’s all take a moment and shed a tear! I hope you have enjoyed traveling through the school nutrition inventory process with me, and I […]

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What’s This Costing Me? A Guide to Inventory Valuation in Your School Nutrition Program

We’re nearing the conclusion of our blog series on inventory management for your school nutrition program, but we’re not quite done yet! We still have 2 more weeks of informative posts with helpful tips to enhance your school nutrition operation and make sure your leadership is helping it reach the highest of heights!

So far in […]

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5 Tips to Curb Food Waste in Your School Nutrition Program

Food waste has been a hot topic in school food service for quite some time now. Ever since the release and implementation of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA) in 2010, people have been sounding off on how the new regulations affect their district’s nutrition program.

In one camp, there are those who feel strongly that […]

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Managing a Recall – The Tips Your School Nutrition Program Should Follow

Recalls. A word that sparks fear and agony in the mind of a school nutrition professional. When you hear of a new recall announced, you immediately ask yourself (in a semi-panicky manner), “Does this affect my program?” “Did some of my schools serve the recall product?” “Have there been any reported illness outbreaks?” “Where do […]

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Perpetual Inventory – Counting Inventory for the Other 29 Days of the Month

In last week’s installment of “Inventory with Amanda” (Hey, we might as well give this series a name right? Better late than never…), we discussed the necessary evil that occurs in all of our school nutrition operations – conducting physical inventory counts. *Shudder* It’s a time consuming, tedious process that is essential to keeping your […]

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Getting Physical with Inventory – The Necessary Evil

Today, we’re talking about the dreaded evil that every school nutrition director, cook, and staffer loves to hate but has to do – physical inventory counts. Argh! We all hate doing them, yet we tolerate the tedious, time consuming nature of physical inventory counts, because we understand their essential role within our operation.

Hopefully you’re very […]

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Why Don’t Child Nutrition Programs Share Tomato Paste?

A couple of weeks ago we talked about the value of sharing menu planning data. We assessed the benefits of data sharing and basically determined it is the greatest thing since sliced bread (ok…maybe that’s a stretch since for me only chocolate, and maybe cheese, can surpass bread in greatness). You may have been left […]

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