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Last year, I visited a local school district’s food-service production kitchen and cafeteria in Houston, Texas. PrimeroEdge values the opportunity to tour sites and learn first-hand the trials and tribulations our users face on a day-to-day basis. These visits provide a wealth of knowledge by experiencing the sights, sounds, and smells of school cafeterias to […]

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Strategic Low Cost Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Stop by your school’s cafeteria during the next meal service. Observe the students walking towards the trash can.  How much of the plate are they throwing away?As school nutrition professionals (and some of us, parents), we understand the struggle of getting our kids to eat fruits and vegetables. There’s a balancing act between food components […]

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Students Hop on a Blender Bike to Create Their Own Smoothies

Perhaps you’ve heard of some schools implementing bicycle desks – the FitDesks with built-in pedals designed to keep students active while also helping “work off some of the nervous energy that can keep them from focusing in the classroom.” But students at Mary A. White Elementary are using bikes in a new way that engages […]

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2017’s Newest Food Trend: Purple Foods

The start of a new year brings all kinds of “new” things: new goals, new resolutions, new plans, new adventures and new trends. One of the newest trends for 2017 has the potential to affect those who work in the food service industry, including child nutrition professionals – the rise in popularity and consumption of […]

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This February Make Your Heart Your Valentine

Last week, President Donald Trump proclaimed February 2017 as American Heart Month. In the proclamation, President Trump briefly discusses progress made due to scientific research and advancements in technology to treat and prevent heart attacks and strokes.The proclamation concludes with a call to action, encouraging Americans to wear red in order to emphasize the significance […]

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Smart Snack Attack: How to Choose the Perfect Snack Options for Your Students

Do your kids just love snacks? Do you find that Smart Snacks sell out faster than main dishes in your child nutrition program? Do your students get excited when new snacks find their way to your program?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you’re not alone! We learn from author Gillean Barkyoumb, […]

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Marketing Your Cafeteria to Generation Z – A PrimeroEdge Webbie

Did you know that Generation Z makes up 25% of the population? That their attention span lasts only 8 seconds? That 32% of them prefer Instagram when it comes to social media? Who is Generation Z, and how can you effectively market your child nutrition program to them? Find out in the upcoming PrimeroEdge Webbie, “Marketing Your […]

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More Nutrition and Less Waste in Cafeterias

What if kids independently made the healthy choices for their own nutrition while at school?
We can dream… right?

It turns out, healthier nutrition comes with choice and some smart cafeteria feng shui.
If there’s anything the advent of social media and the viral hashtags full of food puns have taught us about the food industry, […]

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The New Kids In Class – Part 4: Millennial Parents

In the final chapter of The New Kids In Class we’ll look at Millennial parents and how they raise Generation Z students. A whopping 80% of annual U.S. births come from Millennial parents and that number will only go up in the coming years. As no real surprise, Millennials differ drastically from Generation X or […]

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The New Kids In Class Part 3: Building Your Digital Community

As we saw in part 2 of The New Kids In Class, Generation Z are known as Digital Natives due to growing up and surrounding themselves with technology. This being the case, schools and cafeterias must rethink how they serve students.

Consumers are increasingly moving online. With Amazon and Netflix, brick and mortar has been replaced […]

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