5 Quick Steps for Disaster Planning

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PEP Talks | 033 | Big Data

Stacy Koppen and Lynn Broberg of St. Paul Public Schools talk about the powerful advantages of using data to transform your foodservice operations into a revenue-generating machine.

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Saint Paul Public Schools Nutrition Services
Why SPPS Bought a Sous-Vide Machine
Food Truck Used for Summer Lunch Program?


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Innovative Mobile Serving Solutions

Information provided by Gayle Swain and Laurance Anderson’s MNSNA presentation, “Mobile Serving 2.0.”

Meal serving periods and other cafeteria logistics can cause challenges in your food service program. A typical U.S. school lunch period is only 15-30 minutes, and when long lines are present, students have even less time to eat. Many solutions focus on […]

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The Highlights: Changes in Student Eligibility in 2017

Policy is the one thing that’s never constant. Each July, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Services, Child Nutrition Programs division updates its policy regarding student eligibility. This post covers the updated Eligibility Manual for School Meals Determining and Verifying Eligibility, released on July 18, 2017. 

Read on to find a categorical breakdown of […]

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Debunking the “Raisin Theory” – How to Engage Parents to Drive Participation

“I don’t want to eat in the cafeteria. All they serve is raisins.”

These are actual words that Deborah Seelinger of the Minnesota Parent Teacher Association heard from her son – thus developing what we’ll call the “Raisin Theory.” Surely that’s not true, though – right?

School meals are required by law to be healthy and balanced. School nutrition […]

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Social Media Tips To Boost Participation

Encouraging students to participate in your school nutrition program is a continuous struggle that requires adapting to new marketing techniques. One marketing trend that has exploded in the past few years – to the point of almost being a requirement – is social media. Virtually all students are on one form of social media, so schools […]

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PEP Talks | 032 | Fresh Eyes

Jean Ronnei, SNS shares her experiences at St. Paul Public Schools (Minnesota), her year of leading the School Nutrition Association, and her current responsibility of providing “fresh eyes” as a Senior Consultant for Pro-Team Foodservice Advisors. This is done by evaluating a district’s food service program as a whole and approaching the program as a customer would. With Jean […]

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Who Are You Calling? Part Two

Get to know the faces on the other end of the phone line. PrimeroEdge has a large Customer Care team that stays plenty busy year-round, but back-to-school is an especially hectic time of year. From creating and resolving support cases, troubleshooting on the spot, and answering parent’s SchoolCafé inquiries (all the while providing great customer service), our […]

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The Rise of Food Customization

In the foodservice industry, food customization has become the latest rage.

Rather than picking the perfect meal from a massive menu, many restaurants prefer to walk you through the food customization process.

Today’s consumers (we’re looking at you, millennials and Gen Z) want food items that are fresh, creative and made just for them. In fact, more […]

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Back to School: How to Manage the Stress

It’s back-to-school season, which means many people working in school food service are dealing with a lot of stress. There are eligibility applications rolling in, new students to deal with, and busy schedules all around. Managing your stress is especially important during this time so that you don’t get overwhelmed and you can perform your […]

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