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Understanding and Managing USDA Professional Standards in Child Nutrition

Jumping into USDA Professional Standards
If there’s something we quickly learn when dealing with students it’s that some learn with the carrot, and others… need some deterrence.

Whether it’s you or those within your program that find more incentive in the stick rather than the USDA’s carrot of grants and funds for professional standards, we’ve got you […]

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Understanding and Managing USDA Professional Standards in Child Nutrition


Vetting new hires and getting yourself or staff up to current federal professional requirements can start to feel like a headache after a while, especially without a uniform system to manage and track all requirements, courses, and participating professionals.

Most of us […]

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Why Statewide POS is Possible in Your State Too

Article Updated on: October 17th, 2016

It might be tempting to discount the concept of statewide POS software based on terminology without actually learning about the real possibilities that are available to your State agency.

Before we get to the heart of the matter, I think we need to take a moment to get over the hurdle […]

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State Agencies Join USDA for Learning Opportunity

Even after three days of alphabet soup – the feds really love their acronyms: CNAAT, FPRS, CNSSW, SEBTC, HHFKA…and the list goes on – I can say that attendees of the first annual CNAAT training (Child Nutrition Access and Accountability through Technology) seem ready to keep chewing on the topics addressed at this USDA training […]

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School Food Production Records – A View from the Other Side

We have talked about the challenges that SFAs face regarding handwritten food production records. But the pain doesn’t stop with the school manager or even the Central Office staff. You may not realize that handwritten food production records can be a thorn in your State agency’s side as well!

Channeling my inner-David Letterman, and with help […]

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Communication – The Key to a Successful Statewide Menu Planning Implementation

Most of us have heard that the three most important factors in real estate are “Location, Location, Location.” Similarly, I would suggest that the key to a successful statewide menu planning software implementation is “Communication, Communication, Communication.” When implementing statewide software you should communicate early, communicate often, and communicate repeatedly.
Communicate Early
Ideally, you should communicate to […]

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Gaining SFA Buy-in for State-wide Menu Planning Software

Even though they are simply administering programs as mandated by USDA, at times State Agencies can be cast as “big-government.” Regardless of political affiliation, the last thing that school nutrition professionals want is more “big-government” involvement in their daily operations. When State Agencies offer tools, such as statewide menu-planning software to help everyone be successful, […]

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Increase Administrative Reviews Efficiency with Statewide Menu Planning

What are two things most of us wish we had more of (besides cake and ice cream)? Did you answer: time and energy? The reality is that no matter what we do we cannot create more time – only 24 hours will fit in any given day. Similarly, according to high school physics, energy cannot […]

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Statewide Menu Planning Software Helps the 70 Percenters

In every facet of life there are the “haves” and the “have-nots.” Unfortunately, this is even true in the Child Nutrition industry. Yes, we all have the same amount of time in the day and yes, we all are subjected to the same USDA regulations. Undoubtedly, all School Food Authorities (SFAs) have challenges. There is […]

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