Eat with your Eyes – Food Photography and Menu Publishing

Ever wonder what a picture can do for you cafeteria?

Visuals are everywhere in the fast paced world we live in today, and they can make or break your marketing efforts in the cafeteria. Districts across the nation are using menu publishing tools to market their cafeteria offerings and increase participation. Photographs are a huge tool […]

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Marketing Your Cafeteria to Generation Z – A PrimeroEdge Webbie

Did you know that Generation Z makes up 25% of the population? That their attention span lasts only 8 seconds? That 32% of them prefer Instagram when it comes to social media? Who is Generation Z, and how can you effectively market your child nutrition program to them? Find out in the upcoming PrimeroEdge Webbie, “Marketing Your […]

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The New Kids In Class – Part 4: Millennial Parents

In the final chapter of The New Kids In Class we’ll look at Millennial parents and how they raise Generation Z students. A whopping 80% of annual U.S. births come from Millennial parents and that number will only go up in the coming years. As no real surprise, Millennials differ drastically from Generation X or […]

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The New Kids In Class – Part 2: Digital Natives

In part 1 on The New Kids In Class we looked at the latest generation entering schools: Generation Z. For part 2, we’ll discover why Gen Z are also known by the name ‘Digital Natives’.

First coined by Marc Prensky in his book “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” in 2001, the name describes students who have grown […]

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The Power of Student Engagement In The Cafeteria

A cafeteria is an area schools serve students. Kids come in, they pay for their lunch that has been predetermined, and then they leave. At least, that’s how some see the school cafeteria. What’s missed, however, in this interpretation is the key ingredient for any cafeteria – the students.

Students are the customers for school nutrition […]

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Article was updated: October 17th, 2016

Get ready to tweet, like, share, and follow – all while hashtagging of course – because today, June 30th, marks Social Media Day. What started out as AOL Instant Messenger and Myspace has now blossomed into sharing cat videos and people posting photos of meals to Instagram. You know, real […]

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Yes We Scan! Using Inventory Scanning in Your School Nutrition Program

Managing inventory is an ongoing process that almost every school nutrition professional dreads. But, as Amanda mentioned in a previous post, physical inventory counts are absolutely necessary to ensure that processes in your school nutrition program run smoothly.

If you’re tired of spending a lot of time and effort with the old inventory management method – […]

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Cut Costs and Save Money – The Application Processing Edition

Are you on the cost-cutting bandwagon yet? I guess these days, it’s not so much a bandwagon as it is a necessary reality to stay afloat, but I digress. The point is – Saving Money. It’s the cool thing to do!

In my last cost-cutting post, we discussed ways to cut costs through efficient inventory management, […]

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You’re Throwing Away Money If You’re Not Using Offer vs. Serve


I can help your school district save potentially thousands of dollars each year!


It’s a simple solution – and no, I’m not some insanely gifted, school nutrition cost-cutting wizard! I’m just your average school nutrition professional who has done some research here and there on how to lower program costs and drive higher participation and revenues. […]

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5 Things to Expect From Your Food Production Management Software

Now that you are ready to ditch the pen and paper in order to streamline your Food Production Records process, it’s important to find software that meets your needs. When shopping for food production management software there are five key components that you should expect from your new system.

Centralized and Available Anywhere, Any time

Menus […]

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