The Simplest Ways to Combat Rising Food Costs

More money, please.

With the implementation of the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act (HHFKA) in 2010, school food became much healthier for our growing youth. Unfortunately, healthier food doesn’t cost the same as its less healthy counterparts. In some ways, I understand why. Higher quality products, whether you’re shopping in a department store or a grocery […]

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Intro to Composition: Food Photography and Menus

Learn about the rules of composition and get more creative to create eye-catching photographs for your school's published menus.
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Eat with your Eyes – Food Photography and Menu Publishing

Ever wonder what a picture can do for your cafeteria?

Visuals are everywhere in the fast paced world we live in today, and they can make or break your marketing efforts in the cafeteria. Districts across the nation are using menu publishing tools to market their cafeteria offerings and increase participation. Photographs are a huge tool […]

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Share Your Fall Festivities!

It’s almost that time of year that, although fun and festive, many school administrators dread. The week after trick-or-treat, many kids consume hoards of sugar-filled sweets that lead to many of them literally bouncing off the walls. Although candy bans may mitigate these risks, let’s be honest – kids are going to be kids. Whether they bring candy to class to barter with their friends and discard the undesirable confections (I’m looking at you smarties) or a full confiscating candy ban is your plan, the candy question may still be on your mind – “What do I do with all of these excess treats?”
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The Main Ingredient to Save Money In School Nutrition

We’ve reached the last week in my blog series on how to save money by cutting costs in various areas of your nutrition operation. If you missed any of my previous posts, be sure to check them out at the links below. You’re sure to find a tip or two that you can begin employing […]

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Save Money By Utilizing Commodities the Smart Way

Think about how much money you plan to spend on third-party food vendor orders this year. Even simpler, think how much money you’ve already spent in SY 2015-2016 with these vendors. Now, as you’re running through the vendor names in your head, are any of the foods you bought from them also available from USDA […]

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Cutting Costs Through Inventory Management

Some days, do you feel like your nutrition program is hemorrhaging money? All that food waste and lack of efficiencies is enough to drive a School Nutrition Director mad!

Fortunately, there are a few things that you can employ to help you cut costs in your school foodservice operation. The more money you can save, the […]

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Become a Stronger Leader in Your School Nutrition Program

Have you ever had a poor manager oversee you at some point during your career? For most of us, running into a bad egg along our professional path is quite common, and I would argue, almost inevitable.

In my personal experience, having a bad boss helped improve my own career, by witnessing firsthand how NOT to […]

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Move It! – How to Keep Lunch Lines Moving and Money Flowing

School is back in session, and with a new school year brings the pain of slow, long lunch lines. Students are back from the summer break. Some children are new to your district. Others moved from elementary to middle school, where the nutrition program operates differently.

Yet, one of the most common causes of slow lunch […]

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Getting Started: Quick Cafeteria Policy Makeover Tips

Thu, Aug 13, 2015  by    Jaren ScottEmbarking on the journey of overhauling your cafeteria does not have to be a daunting task. Don’t know where to start? Take a look at these best practices that are easy to implement and will immediately kick start your cafeteria makeover.

Recess before Lunch

Sending students to recess before lunch allows them to […]

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