Lawmakers Are Looking To Change School Nutrition – Again

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A new political climate has descended on Washington, D.C.

The shift is brought by a changing political dynamic, as Republicans now hold a majority in both houses of Congress along with the Presidency, and a coinciding changing tide in legislators’ visions for the nation.

The differences between the Democratic and Republican Party exceed just the realm of […]

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GMO Labeling Bill Fails To End Controversy

Introduced as a bipartisan solution, S 764, or the GMO labeling bill, has received mixed reactions from those on both sides of the issue. Senators Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) and Debbie Stabenow (D-Michigan) unveiled the plan as a national answer to the question of GMO labeling standards. Rather than settling the issue, the bill appears to […]

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Philadelphia Becomes First Major City To Enact Soda Tax

Philadelphia placed itself at the forefront of the soda debate when last week it passed Bill No. 16017601 – also known more commonly as the “Soda Tax.” Under the new city ordinance, all sodas will receive a 1.5 cent per ounce tax. The tax is a move by Mayor Jim Kenney to fight the growing […]

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FDA Changes Nutritional Label, Includes Added Sugars Despite Protests

On Friday, First Lady Michelle Obama announced major changes by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concerning nutritional labels on food packages. Untouched since the early 1990s, the announcement marks significant updates that health advocates have argued are long overdue. Over 50% of adults use nutritional labels when making purchasing decisions, but some have claimed […]

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Ceres Serves The Sick And Empowers Teens

Back in 2006 Cathryn Couch never would have guessed that what started out as a small project for a friend’s daughter would grow into a program serving more than 90,000 meals. With that one request from a friend, a new project – focused on providing meals for cancer patients and the disabled – was born.

The […]

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Food Fight Back On The Menu With New House Bill

Just when it looked like the dust had settled on the Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNR) bill making its way through Congress, the House decided to throw a wrench in the whole process. Schools and students will now have to wait even longer for a cohesive nutrition policy.

So what’s happening on Capitol Hill?

Back in January I […]

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Senate Avoids National Food Fight

In a rare bipartisan move, The Senate Agriculture Committee unanimously approved a compromise bill that will mostly preserve Michelle Obama’s signature Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA).

Since HHFKA went into effect in 2012, it has been a source of much controversy. Republicans in congress have blasted the bill as overly burdensome on schools and excessive government […]

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New Sugar Recommendations Could Pose Risk For School Breakfasts

Last week the federal government released the latest edition of the Dietary Guidelines to the public. Updated every five years, the guidelines give nutritional recommendations to help Americans choose a healthier diet. While many of the recommendations tend to reappear throughout the years – eat lean meats, reduce fats, and consume whole grains – the […]

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