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Eat With Your Eyes

Think professional looking food photography is hard? Think again. Discover how to take professional looking menu pictures and have your menus pop!

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eBook Generation Z

Gen Z: Marketing Your Cafeteria

Discover who makes up Generation Z and find out how this newest generation differs from Millennials. The “Gen Z cafeteria” might be more nutritious and technology focused than you might have thought.

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The Comprehensive Guide To Inventory Management

The Comprehensive Guide To Inventory Management covers the inventory process from Apples to Zucchinis. Included is everything from ordering and receiving to recalls and warehouse management.

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eBook - Team Work

USDA Professional Standards

This eBook breaks down the requirements for Directors at both the district and state level. See how LEA sizes affect experience needed for Director roles. Learn how to take steps that help your employees see training as something that they want to do, rather than something they’re being dragged into doing.

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