Get Your Finances In Order

Let your finances speak effortlessly across your systems to painlessly create budgets and provide an easy-to-use interface to enter data.

Financial Data

Financial reports can at times be confusing or difficult to draw to summarize. PrimeroEdge Financials module efficiently captures, summarizes and presents financial data in an easy-to-use format.

Simplified Financial Reporting

Reduce confusion and simplify financial reporting through advanced data organization. Effortlessly calculate meals per labor hour and profit & loss statements while reducing manual workload.

Seamless Integration

Save time and eliminate data entry errors PrimeroEdge Financials seamlessly integrates with the PrimeroEdge product suite and can also interface with existing district financial systems.

Create A Budget With Ease

Multiple windows, logging in and out of numerous pages, and incompatible software can cause issues and difficulties. Make sure your software is versatile and can speak across systems. Easily create a budget from historical revenue and expense data, no need to run reports from several different systems to create a budget.

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“Everyone that we have come in contact with at Cybersoft has been friendly, knowledgeable and most of professional. Your staff has made our transition to the Primero system an easy one. We have consistently heard your team refer to our relationship as a partnership and that the goal is to make everyone’s job easier.”
Chris Maggard, Director of Child Nutrition, Del Valle ISD, TX
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