Seamless Integration

Communicate continuously with your POS system to automatically exchange student payment information, current account balance, account usage history and join sibling accounts.

Pain-free Meal Payments for the 21st Century

Giving parents a quick and easy way to make payments, avoiding headaches and increasing the incentive for them to participate in your school nutritional program. ParentOnline integrates seamlessly with PrimeroEdge Point of Sale, providing real-time updates throughout the day for accurate information and analysis.


View current account balance and review account usage history. Monitor and filter payment activity by school, parent account, number of payments made and amount received.


Never again worry if your kids have enough in their accounts. Make secure online payments anytime, anywhere and view cafeteria account balance(s) and purchases. Set up hassle-free automatic payments for each child with the option of receiving low balance email messages.

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Visit to view account payment history and meal activity, change profiles and passwords and check for account messages.

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“ParentOnline simply helps parent manage student accounts. It is powerful, easy to use, reliable and also keeps improving over time.”
Lee Haddock, Alvin ISD Child Nutrition Department

ParentOnline Specs

Districts can offer incentives for parents that use your online payment system! Choose a bonus of either percentage or fixed dollar amount to parents when desired minimum payment is met. Bonus dollars will automatically be added to the student’s meal amount.
Monitor and filter payment activity by:
– school
– parent account
– number of payments made
– amount received
View all meal payment activities by school, number of payments made online, total amount received and view or print reports or deposit summaries.
Banking information is never stored on district server.
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