Point Of Service

Simple As A Few Clicks

With instantly intuitive Point of Service, view and modify transactions, reconcile sessions, generate reports, and much more.

Cut Waste, Serve The Best

Food waste can be a major contributor to a ballooning budget and offering items students reject only leads to decreased student participation. Sidestep the foods students tend to reject and instead offer only the best sellers students love to eat and share using menu insight reports.

Avoid “Line Fatigue”

Excessive wait in lines cuts down on lunch time for students and can dissuade them from participating in school nutritional programs. With simple-to-operate point of service, terminals can queue students and thus eliminates gaps and speeds up serving lines – adding more participation and increasing revenue.

Expand Reach

Students are increasingly searching for new food options. Limiting meals to strictly the cafeteria misses opportunities to reach students. Broaden your scope by offering breakfast in the classroom or snacks between periods.

Versatile POS makes on-the-go meal service a breeze.

Loss Prevention

Missing funds and lost product can quickly add up. Effective POS keeps your honest people honest. Blind close and accurate cash reconciliation safeguards your money and prevents loss.

See what our friends are saying!

“It is always reassuring to talk to a human being when you have a problem and I appreciate the fact that you strive to keep your customer service as great as it is.”
Melody Turner, School Nutrition Director, Wilson County Schools, TN

Point of Service Specs

Process cash or check payments at each Point of Sale Cashier terminal. An intuitive payment screen offers simple-to-follow steps. Immediately process and credit payments to the students’ accounts for use at all serving sites.
Observe in-session cashier activities for food service administrator and cafeteria manager offices. Real-time information includes current sales, pre-payments, current logged-in cashier, number of meals served and sales totals.
Securely save all transactions and details at multiple points to ensure data redundancy. Real time data communication occurs between all serving terminals. Transaction information is also shared with ParentOnline, Cybersoft’s online payment system, so that parents can view their student’s meal account activity. All adjustments to transactions are recorded electronically for audit trail purposes.
View and/or adjust opening and closing information, transactions, and payments to close out the day’s sales activities. Any adjustments and system activity made by the manager is recorded electronically for complete audit trail documentation.
Easy-to-read, easy-to-use cashier function with fully-customized buttons (layout, names, colors) and screens. Create your own pricing categories and food items. Program multiple meal buttons, menus and pricing options to individual POS terminals or by grade or school type.
Most types of external identification devices can be used with the PrimeroEdge POS. Just simply plug in and begin to use immediately. Quickly switch out devices without interruption to meal service if you experience a device failure. Primero customers commonly use keypads, bar code readers, combo PIN pad with bar code reader, and finger recognition devices as peripherals.
Limit login, assign permissions, control database information and monitor cashier functions.
Allows you to serve students by classroom or homeroom teacher. Simply touch the child’s photo to show they had a meal. When you are finished serving the class, select “save” and all selected students in the class will be served a reimbursable meal. You can also configure your own special rosters for groups of students to be served in the same way. Choose different meal items that apply to each classroom sale.
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