Proper Production Planning

Unpopular items that go to waste only add to food costs. Cut out the guess work. A simple look at menu insight reports shows exactly which items are underperforming.

Production Plan

Assigned menus become the basis for production plans for each school or kitchen site. Assigned menus by school or school type are available at the campus to fill in appropriate production plan counts. When used in conjunction with Primero Inventory Management, upon completion of the production plan, orders for required inventory items can be automatically generated.

Save Time with Auto-Fill

Why keep inputting the same data? Save time with auto-fill features that allows for population of past production plan numbers into any future production plan based on a configurable percentage of matched items served.

Production Record

Don’t be in the dark – knowing each school’s production is critical for reviews. Each production record is available for completion on the day of production. Counts of total number produced and all unserved food items are recorded on the technicians’ worksheet, which is then transferred to the production record at the close of each day’s production. When used in conjunction with Inventory Management, upon completion of the production record, stock items will be withdrawn from inventory.

See what our friends are saying!

“Paperless production records automatically withdraw from perpetual inventories… Standard withdrawal lists of items not on the production records are easy to produce.”
Lee Haddock, Assistant Food Service Director, Alvin ISD, TX
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