Cybersoft’s online payment system enables Food Service Departments to offer parents an alternative way to make meal payments. ParentOnline communicates frequently with the PrimeroEdge Point of Sale to automatically exchange student payment information, current account balance, account usage history and join sibling accounts. ParentOnline is a secure, online payment system that allows parents to make payments for school meals and other district purchases (school supplies, books pictures, etc.) using either a credit or debit card. ParentOnline updates the PrimeroEdge Point of Sale throughout the day. Parents can remotely access accounts anytime from any Internet-enabled computer.

The district administrator can view all ParentOnline payment activity by school, by parent account, number of payments made, amount received as well as view and print reports or deposit summaries.

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Key Features for Parents

  • Parents can view their student’s cafeteria account balance and purchases.
  • Parents can make secure online payments anytime, anywhere.
  • Parents can set up hassle-free automatic payments for each student.
  • Parents can receive low balance e-mail messages.

PrimeroEdge Online Apps


Parents can register online at to set up a student payment account. Registered parents can view their student(s) meal account history, enroll to make online meal payments and set up low balance email notifications. This secure site allows parents to register
their credit or debit card information and set up one-time or automatic payments when the student meal account reaches the parents preset low level balance.


Parents will have the ability to view student account payment history and meal account activity. Additionally parents can view and change their account profiles, passwords, and check for messages sent to their account.


A convenience fee of 5% will be charged to the parent’s credit or debit card for each transaction. No fees are charged to the district for this service.


Each district has the option to offer incentives for parents that use the online payment system. Districts can choose a bonus of either percentage or fixed dollar amount to parent’s when the minimum payment is met. The bonus dollars will be added to the student’s meal account.

District Access and Reports

The district can view all meal payment activities by school, number of payments made on-line, total amount received and view or print reports or deposit summaries. There is no banking information ever stored on the district server.

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