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Student Eligibility: Explore the benefits of an integrated statewide system with PrimeroEdge.

Bringing a new edge to imports and data management for your state.

Simple and secure imports of student data from statewide Student Information Systems to SFAs are streamlined with an easy, all-in-one tool.

Ensure your records are always accurate by pulling imports from multiple SFA-level Student Information Systems.

Give your SFAs access to the most up-to-date eligibility data by seamlessly importing Direct Certification files from various social, health or human services departments. 

No need to modify your file formats – simply upload them! SNAP, TANF, FDPIR, Foster, Medicaid, Homeless, Migrant, Runaway, Head Start, and any other files your state utilizes in the determination of eligibility benefits can be imported into PrimeroEdge in a variety of formats. 

Maximize your time with an efficient Direct Certification process that doesn’t require you to segment files by SFA, or complete constant manual uploads. Doing away with these delays will increase your SFAs’ ability to accurately match, and ensure students that have moved to another part of the state are still eligible for benefits. 

PrimeroEdge automatically assigns direct certification eligibility on any import of new student records, or Direct Certification file.

Master the matching process.

With advanced matching algorithms, PrimeroEdge’s accuracy can’t be beat. 

PrimeroEdge matches across a broad platform to ensure the process isn’t just easy for you, but yields only the highest quality data for SFAs processing eligibility benefits. Our matching algorithms tackle the challenges of student data inaccuracies, non-unique identifiers, hyphenated surnames and data inconsistencies due to human input errors.

We match factors to account for potential human error, including:

Social security number, Exact name matching, Name variations (think Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Beth, etc.)

Transposed and duplicate name variations, home address variations, Name spelling variations

Nicknames (think Christina – Tina; William – Bill; Richard – Rick), Statewide student ID, Guardian information

Phonetic name matching, Date of birth matching, Inconsistent birthday formats or excluded years or dates

By creating a pool of ‘potential matches’ for SFAs, this solution allows SFAs to verify and confirm matches with medium to high probabilities – adding another safeguard to validate accurate eligibility processing.

Sibling extensions are also a breeze with PrimeroEdge. SFAs can easily extend benefits to siblings within the same household who were not identified as eligible to be directly certified.

Save time with continuous matching within PrimeroEdge. Any time a new state or student file is uploaded, matching will occur automatically across either file.

Other Perks of PrimeroEdge

Your new statewide PrimeroEdge Direct Certification system can also:

Simplify Communication

Allow SFAs the ability to customize and send notification letters and emails directly within the system.

Boost Productivity

Standard tools across your state: Online Apps, Scanning, Notifications, and Verification.

Enhance Efficiency

Help limit on-site time during Administrative Reviews with Remote Reviewing capabilities.

Increase Accuracy

Increase accurate Verification reporting with more sound data and through increased matching accuracy.