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PrimeroEdge Solutions

On-site reviews are focused on covering the basics, such as manually pulling and reviewing physical documents. Documentation is often misfiled or lost, wasting valuable reviewer time while on-site. Aside from documentation review, little time is left to deliver the technical assistance and training that SFAs desire and need to ensure that the school’s nutritional environment is enhanced.

PrimeroEdge accomplishes a significant amount of the review which is conducted remotely at the convenience of a reviewer’s desk. The extra time spent on-site can now be targeted to drill down in specific areas to determine if potential findings exist. Also, more time on-site can be allocated to provide training and technical assistance, transferring knowledge from the State agency to SFA child nutrition staff – enhancing the district’s child nutrition program results.

Through remote review, PrimeroEdge provides the opportunity for time previously spent in transit “on the road” to be better spent accomplishing review activities, reviewing online documentation, and finalizing the Administrative Review Report. Also, specific areas can be further investigated and more detailed technical assistance provided when the reviewer can make more valuable use of their on-site time.

On-site reviews may be hampered when a reviewer visits a SFA and learns that key staff are out sick or had a family emergency and are unavailable to provide required documents. Lack of audit readiness and inability to locate documentation can extend visits, further straining limited State Agency resources. Inflation continues to drive up costs for hotels, rental cars, meals, etc. – magnifying the problem even further.

By reviewing essential documents at the State office directly from PrimeroEdge, time and associated expense of extended on-site visits is minimized. Time spent on-site is now focused on assisting the SFA with program improvement rather than drowning in unprepared, unorganized data.


  • Alaska Department of Education
  • North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
  • New Jersey Department of Agriculture
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