Electronic Production Records


Production records are continually becoming more complex to ensure that proper audit trail documentation is in place. In schools where offer versus serve (OVS) is implemented, adequate food quantities and offerings must be fully noted.

  • Weighted nutrient analysis based on servings of foods offered
  • Production records include three grade groups and refine and identify vegetable sub-groups
  • Grain/bread offerings must identify amount of whole grain rich foods


Shift Production Records From Paper To Electronic

Currently, most SFAs keep their production records on paper. Paper production records are difficult to keep well-organized, are often not legible, and are easily misplaced. Paper production records require a significant amount of storage space to house and resulting storage costs can be exorbitant. Paper records can harbor mold, germs and can potentially be a source of illness. Paper records are vulnerable to damage by water, fire, insects, rodents, etc.

PrimeroEdge provides electronic production records that are well-organized and readily-accessible from anywhere, anytime. They eliminate physical storage costs and will not degrade over time. They can be backed up easily thereby facilitating redundancy and improved safety. PrimeroEdge electronic production records are of a higher input quality and completeness than paper records due to system validation. Of course, PrimeroEdge electronic records are consistently legible as compared to handwritten documents.

Facilitate Monitoring

SFAs do not have the tools to know if their schools have completed production records or not. Even in cases where SFAs are aware that production records have been filled out, they don’t have the ability to assess if the correct items and portions have been served. PrimeroEdge electronic production records are available online which enables SFAs to gain excellent internal monitoring and control capabilities. This ability strengthens their operation and assists them to remain in compliance. These electronic production records will also be easily-accessible to TDA for review purposes.


  • Alaska Department of Education
  • Indiana Department of Education
  • Pennsylvania Department of Education
  • Texas Department of Agriculture
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