Menu Planning


PrimeroEdge is USDA-approved for nutrient analyses required in school meal programs and for use in certification of compliance with lunch meal requirements.


Ready To Go Recipes

Use USDA recipes or create and import complete local recipes. Conduct a quick and simple search for recipes by recipe category, local or USDA recipe, recipe code number or by a specific keyword or ingredient.

USDA Recipe Database

PrimeroEdge Menu Planning includes USDA recipes within the software. Locate recipes at the click of a button using the PrimeroEdge Smart Search tool.  PrimeroEdge offers recipe scaling for batch cooking or planned production.


Locate and manage raw foods, prepared foods and recipes with PrimeroEdge. Add and modify ingredients or recipes to the menu item file. Menu items are ready for use in building school menus. Configure portion sizes for each RDA group, HACCP processes, and component contributions all within the same screen for each menu item.

Build individual menus by day, school type and meal service. Create cycle menus based on daily menus. Optimize nutrient and cost aspects with PrimeroEdge’s on-board decision support assistance. PrimeroEdge provides visual feedback highlighting nutritional information and menu costs as menus are being created. Analyze each menu against nutrient standards using simple or weighted analysis methods.

PrimeroEdge automatically updates to reflect the latest nutrient-based USDA standards.

Simplify the process of building and assigning cycle menus by school or school type. Assign existing menus to different days of the cycle menus. Copy and modify existing menu cycles to create new cycle menus in a fraction of the time. Analyze cycle menus against food-based nutrient standards using the weighted analysis method.
Populate school calendars using a variety of methods including single menus, cycle menus, or individual menu items. Highlight the status of menu completion each day with a color-coded monthly calendar. Publish menus to the SchoolCafé website where parents can view their student’s daily, weekly and monthly menus as well as detailed nutritional information.

Nutrient Analysis

Nutrient Analysis software approved by USDA

PrimeroEdge Menu Planning is USDA-approved for nutrient analyses required in school meal programs.

Weekly Nutritional Analysis

Ensure nutrient standards are met for each school week using weighted analysis methods.

Centralized Ordering Portal

Select vendors from a predefined vendor list to place orders. Use the tab key to scroll to the next item as quantities are being entered. Leave orders open for later completion. Automatically assign an internal order number to all orders. Each order defaults to the next designated delivery day for receiving – the delivery dates can easily be changed.

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