Online Applications

Custom, Innovative and Secure

Process free and reduced applications electronically from data input to eligibility approval with PrimeroEdge Online Applications. Walk parents through the application process to ensure complete application accuracy.

Enjoy seamless integration with the PrimeroEdge Application Scanning and Processing software.

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Higher Quality Applications

Hosted on the district server, online applications securely links to the student database for real time student verification. Parents are prompted to complete all fields that provide districts with quality application submissions. In 8 easy steps, only completed applications are received by the district for processing. Advanced automation accelerates the shift to paperless processing.

The results… neat, complete applications resulting in faster approvals.

Increase Productivity

Supporting multi languages, parents electronically submit applications to you faster than ever – enabling rapid eligibility determination and potentially higher revenue. Lower administrative costs by reducing manual data entry and error correction. Enable applicants to declare SNAP, TANF, FDPIR or foster child eligibility.

Customer Satisfaction

The ability to apply online enables parents to always know the status of their child’s meal application. Rapid determination of eligibility status allows students to use benefits quicker than ever. Acceptance of multi-lingual applications encourages parents to apply for benefits.


  • Alaska Department of Education & Early Development
  • Hawaii Department of Education
  • North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
  • Pennsylvania Department of Education
  • West Virginia Department of Education
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
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