Student Eligibility

Application Processing

Comply with all USDA Guidelines for meal application processing with PrimeroEdge Application Processing. Enjoy the flexibility of processing traditional paper applications or submit applications electronically through the PrimeroEdge Online Application website.

Prefer paper? Process applications manually or use our advanced scanning technology. PrimeroEdge’s recognition tool intelligence immediately identifies the application type and assigns the correct eligibility. Application status is updated immediately and available across districts statewide.

PrimeroEdge features a dedicated in-house team that designs applications optimized for scanning and to meet USDA guidelines. Let us know your requirements (example, portrait vs landscape) to serve your application design desires.

Create applications in English and Spanish. Need another language supported? Let us know and we will create applications in whatever language your State Agency requires.

Simply use the application created by your state school systems planning if you choose to continue manual application processing.

Immediately determine eligibility according to USDA guideline. PrimeroEdge recognizes family-provided information (i.e. SNAP, foster child, income) on the application.
Virtually eliminate manual data entry and receive a rapid return on investment. PrimeroEdge Free and Reduced Processing module is a unique, automated meal eligibility processing solution that handles both application scanning and document management. PrimeroEdge assigns and sends correct student eligibilities to the Cafeteria Manager and all POS cashier station(s) in real time – increasing accuracy and efficiency. Scan applications in English, Spanish and multiple additional languages.

School Nutrition Departments provide up to 4x faster service with PrimeroEdge Application Scanning. Enjoy a higher level of accountability and better service for families in your state.

Manually add students into the student information system and assign Temporary ID numbers. Automatically update student data and match SIS and temporary ID profiles.

Consolidate student records if SIS assigns different ID. Manually access and edit student eligibility status. Include time and date-stamped comments with all changes. Track changes under the “Eligibility” tab.

Generate automatic parent notification letters or emails after application processing. Create notifications for single or batch applications. Send personalized notifications printed in English, Spanish, Chinese and many other available languages.

Personalize notices with district letterhead and graphics. Record electronic time and date stamps with processor’s name for student files once notifications are printed or emailed.

Gather the data that matters most utilizing the large collection of reports already built into PrimeroEdge Application processing. Reports include Student Eligibility, Student Status Change, Application Processing report, Student Roster, Verification Summary, Student Transfer or Withdrawal, Expired Approvals, Batch Cover Sheets and Audit Trail report. Generate custom reports with the writing capabilities through SQL reporting.

Direct Certification

PrimeroEdge received the 2012 USDA Award for Outstanding Direct Certification Performance for helping the state of West Virginia achieve 100% Direct Certification.

Online Applications

PrimeroEdge Online Application Processing is an innovative, secure way to efficiently process free and reduced applications electronically from data input to eligibility approval. Walk parents through the application process to ensure application accuracy with the intelligence of this custom web-based application. Enjoy seamless integration with the PrimeroEdge Application Scanning and Processing software.


PrimeroEdge provides complete Verification functionality to make the process of generating a sample and tracking applications through the verification process easier. PrimeroEdge easily and accurately reports verification results allowing the State Agency to generate a consolidated Verification Summary report.


  • Alaska Department of Education & Early Development
  • Hawaii Department of Education
  • North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
  • Pennsylvania Department of Education
  • West Virginia Department of Education
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
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