PrimeroEdge provides complete Verification functionality to make the process of generating a sample and tracking applications through the verification process easier. PrimeroEdge easily and accurately reports verification results allowing the State Agency to generate a consolidated Verification Summary report.

Verification Sample Icon

Generate verification sampling by selecting the preferred sample criteria. Choose from error prone (basic), random or focused sampling. Add applications for cause to the verification sample at any time. Notify selected applicants from sample with personalized letter and required verification forms.

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Track verification information in various stages of their response from start to finish – a feature unique to PrimeroEdge Electronically scan verification documents into PrimeroEdge and link to respondent file for complete documented audit trail.

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Change eligibility status or replace inactive applications with the click of a button using the PrimeroEdge Verification Status. PrimeroEdge automatically adds replacement families and updates information to your verification sample to maintain sample integrity.

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Simplify the verification process by automatically populating the FNS742.


  • Alaska Department of Education & Early Development
  • Hawaii Department of Education
  • North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
  • Pennsylvania Department of Education
  • West Virginia Department of Education
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
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