Student Eligibility

Convenient And Simple Application Processing

Provide faster service, accurate processing of applications, and greater efficiency to the family of schools in your district.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Manual data entry is not only time consuming, but frequently leads to mistakes due to human error. Automatic application handling allows for batch scans of 25-50 free and reduced lunch applications with one click of a button.

Recognize Students

Despite qualifying, many students simply don’t participate for free and reduced meals. Increase program involvement and income by detecting students who have not reapplied with their siblings. Identify students eligible to obtain meal benefits by connecting family members with previous application history.

Accurate Status

Inaccurate eligibility statuses can cause serious issues for reimbursements and compliance. Instantly distinguish application type and eligibility (i.e. SNAP, foster child, income) determined in accordance to USDA guidelines. Automatic selection of requests for verification, and easy tracing of the applications through the process will support complying with USDA requirements.

Application Processing

Handwritten applications and paper processing often leads to errors and requires excess work. Automated processing leads to greater process efficiency and enhanced audit readiness.

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“I know I have expressed appreciation for this before, but once again I want to tell you how WONDERFUL it is for me to be able to download my own Direct Cert files.”
Judy Denman, Food Service Director, Obion County Schools, TN

Student Eligibility Specs

Annual update includes meal application design for scanning by Cybersoft team. Applications meet USDA meal application processing guidelines. Choose between portrait or landscape orientation. English, Spanish and many other languages are available.
Simplify Application Processing by handling direct free approvals, including Homeless, Migrant, Runaway, Head Start and others as identified by your state. Scan supporting reference document (included) and print notification letter to the family.
Manage free meal eligible students using the direct certification process. Import your state electronic database and validates the DC list against the district student enrollment – matching students declared DC eligible. Maintain DC information of students who may have left the district or have not enrolled. Merge family members, populate and print notification letters to eligible families.
Immediately recognize application type and eligibility (i.e. SNAP, foster child, income) determined in accordance to USDA guidelines.
Batch scan 25-50 free and reduced lunch applications with one click of a button – virtually eliminating manual data entry. Data and images are automatically stored in the database and immediately available for validation and processing at any computer as Meal Benefit Applications are scanned. Data and application images can be used for validation purposes and viewed at any time. Quickly reference applications with automatically assigned batch and application numbers.
Increase program participation and revenue by identifying students who have not reapplied with their siblings. PrimeroEdge identifies students eligible to receive meal benefits by linking family members with previous application history.
Process meal eligibility using Direct Certification imports, Direct Approvals (for example Migrant, Homeless & Runaway), Principal Approval (as determined by district official) and Temporary Free approval. Direct approvals include Headstart, Even Start and Direct Certification.
Non-working scanner? Cybersoft works with you to get a replacement scanner to minimize down time. Continue to manually enter applications to ensure student meal benefits are available. Take advantage of free Online Application Processing, where parents can log in and apply for meal benefits from any internet-enabled computer.
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