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Eat Your Greens! How to Get Kids Excited About Veggies

Since the beginning of time, parents and child nutrition professionals alike have struggled to get children to eat their vegetables. All kinds of tactics have been employed in order for children to understand the importance of veggies in their diet. They see brightly-colored charts signifying which foods make up a healthy plate, they get stickers […]

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The Candy Question – What to Do With Extra Treats

It’s almost that time of year that, although fun and festive, many school administrators dread. The week after trick-or-treat, many kids consume hoards of sugar-filled sweets that lead to many of them literally bouncing off the walls. Although candy bans may mitigate these risks, let’s be honest – kids are going to be kids. Whether […]

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School Food Production Records – A View from the Other Side

We have talked about the challenges that SFAs face regarding handwritten food production records. But the pain doesn’t stop with the school manager or even the Central Office staff. You may not realize that handwritten food production records can be a thorn in your State agency’s side as well!

Channeling my inner-David Letterman, and with help […]

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5 Things to Expect From Your Food Production Management Software

Now that you are ready to ditch the pen and paper in order to streamline your Food Production Records process, it’s important to find software that meets your needs. When shopping for food production management software there are five key components that you should expect from your new system.

Centralized and Available Anywhere, Any time

Menus […]

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Ditching the 3 “R’s” of Food Production Records in School Cafeterias

Article Updated On: October 17th, 2016

The three “R’s” (reading, writing, and arithmetic) have long been associated with basic education and schools, in general. For many School Nutrition Programs the three “R’s” can also easily be linked to Food Production Records. I am not referring to the need for fundamental education in order to complete […]

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