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PEP Talks 011 – Inventory Unplugged with Jon Andrews

We pull the plug on inventory with Jon Andrews, our seasoned school nutrition inventory expert. Jon shares some of school nutrition inventory’s biggest challenges and some tips and tricks to overcome these obstacles he’s picked up during his almost 20 years in the industry. He also discusses how his extensive inventory experience influenced his creation […]

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PrimeroEdge introduces new IntelliScan app

Houston, TX – April 5, 2016 – PrimeroEdge, the leader in school nutrition software, has announced the launch of a mobile inventory product called IntelliScan. This new mobile module promises a more efficient inventory management process, allowing school nutrition professionals to save time and effort by scanning items and orders directly from a handheld device.

“Taking inventory on […]

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Yes We Scan! Using Inventory Scanning in Your School Nutrition Program

Managing inventory is an ongoing process that almost every school nutrition professional dreads. But, as Amanda mentioned in a previous post, physical inventory counts are absolutely necessary to ensure that processes in your school nutrition program run smoothly.

If you’re tired of spending a lot of time and effort with the old inventory management method – […]

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