“It is always reassuring to talk to a human being when you have a problem and I appreciate the fact that you strive to keep your customer service as great as it is.”
Melody Turner, School Nutrition Director, Wilson County Schools, TN
“Incorporating Primero software into the operation of our department has been the single, most important purchase we have made in the past three years.”
Dorothy Simpson, Director of Food Service, Pearland ISD, TX
Let me begin by acknowledging the tremendous effort by the Cybersoft Team in this last year. We hit the ground running with a complete roll-out of Primero’s Back Office Suite including Application Scanning and Processing, Free and Reduced, Menu Planning, Production and Inventory Management. Cybersoft sent personnel up to Alaska to help with training our Server/Cashiers. From day one it was a whirlwind experience. The depth of the programs involved is fantastic. With Cybersoft’s willingness to tackle what we saw as in-surmountable issues, we were able to start to develop a comprehensive software solution. During a recent financial audit we were able to provide data to our district auditors in a matter of minutes upon request. I cannot say enough about the support team at our fingertips. The Cybersoft Team always makes themselves available, and continues to do so. Whether it is resolution to an input error on our part or the never ending network issues that we face here in Alaska, Cybersoft continues to step up so to speak. I constantly challenge Cybersoft with new ideas, questions and concerns. Usually what starts as a fear is turned around into a positive solution.

I have been working with Gordon for the last couple of years trying to make the move to Primero. Gordon’s diligence and persistence should be applauded. What started as a cold sales call and numerous follow-ups has turned into a very welcome partnership. Every time I mention to Gordon a need of some kind he has pushed the issue with the Cybersoft Development Team and made it a reality. All of the upcoming, new and wonderful additions to the Primero Suite have through Gordon’s recommendation been brought to my attention almost immediately. It has been an extreme pleasure working with Gordon.

I am very glad that we made the move to Primero. We look forward to the anticipated release of PrimeroEdge and the continued evolution of an already great product.

Chris Johnson, Nutrition Services Director, Matanuska Susitna Borough School District, AK
When I was in Easton Area School District, PA, the District wanted Sodexo to implement a POS system. After viewing numerous presentations, Easton School District along with Sodexo Management, chose Cybersoft Primero as the system they wanted in place. The transition went very smoothly, and all the operators who had previously worked out of a cash box, were able to absorb the Primero system very easily. The District was very pleased with the system, as well as the people in Central Office who use the reports for the PEARS system for Child Nutrition.

In 2008 I arrived across the bridge in Phillipsburg, N.J. The system in place over in this District was a nightmare. In a meeting that occurs within 30 days of going into an account, one of the main items on the to-do list was to bring in a more reliable, user friendly POS system. The next June as soon as school was out for the summer, Phillipsburg School District and myself, met with 5 POS companies. The company that had the POS contract previously was going to give this District new software and finally fix everything that had been broken the year I came on board at no charge. The Board Office met with the Technology Department and myself, and asked which company could serve this District well. Of course, I voted for Primero and after I stated my reasons- all were in agreement. It was the best decision we could have made. Again, with the help of my friend, Gerri Allee, with whom I had worked with in Easton, all my Managers and Cashiers were trained in one day. The first day we opened, you were on site with me to assure the day went well.

Primero is the best out there. The support is outstanding – Amber, Sherri, Dante, Johnmark, Dallas, Gordon and everyone in the office are always helpful. The ParentOnline is a very good tool for the parents. The reports and the infinite information you can pull from the reports is a huge help in running your business.

I would recommend to anyone considering a change to go with Primero, and be a part of the Primero Family.

Donna M Garr, GM, Phillipsburg School District, NJ
We have been using Cybersoft’s Primero software and ParentOnline since March of 2006. We started out with the point of sale software and have since added Application Scanning, Online Application processing and the Temperature Monitoring module. When Wilson County was looking to upgrade their outdated time clock system, the Finance Director came to me and requested Cybersoft, as he knew how well our other implementations had progressed. Due to this, we have implemented the Time Management software which we helped “tweak”. We were very impressed that you trusted our input enough to ask for our input. Most software companies only do what they want to do, not what the customer needs. Cybersoft puts their customers first in every aspect from customer service to enhancements. It is always reassuring to talk to a human being when you have a problem and I appreciate the fact that you strive to keep your customer service as great as it is. This along with your continuing drive to create new and better ways to make our jobs easier is what sells your product.

I have watched Cybersoft grow from a smaller company to a larger one, all the while retaining the ability to make your customers feel like they have a say in what happens. I have made many friendships through the years with you all and look forward to many years of our great partnership. Gordon, you have been great to work with and I appreciate more than I can say how much it means to me to be able to call you anytime and you are always available. That says a lot — most of the times a salesperson will sale you the product and you never hear from them again. You take the time to follow up on everything or to just say hello.

Melody Turner, School Nutrition Director, Wilson County Schools, TN
We use Cybersoft Technologies’ Primero inventory system with the production records module and the nutrient analysis system. We love the system since the modules are all integrated and work well together. Paperless production records automatically withdraw from perpetual inventories. Managers can look into perpetual inventory at the warehouse before they order. Orders can be created and then modified based on planned production records. End of month inventory is paperless and exports nicely into various common formats.

Primero’s perpetual inventory system continues to provide a return on our investment because Cybersoft’s goal is our success. Cybersoft’s software upgrade process is customer driven and not done just yearly. That along with the fact our perpetual inventory system is the foundation of our nutrient analysis and production software suite makes Cybersoft the obvious choice for us. Ask our hard working managers about our perpetual inventory system and they will tell you:

Managers can check other schools inventory levels before requesting transfers.
Transfers are instantaneous and fully documented.
Managers can generate a report listing inventory levels of a certain item on hand by school.
Managers see actual inventory levels of the warehouse items while placing orders.
Warehouse deliveries are sorted by total pull amount, route pull amount and school delivery ticket.
End of the month inventories are paperless, organized in excel, and available the moment they are completed.
Managers’ withdraws are based on what was entered as produced on the paperless production records.
Standard withdraw lists of items not on the production records are easy to produce.
Managers submit one Eorder from our system to our grocery vendor so we control what is ordered and by whom.
Managers now have until Tuesday afternoon to order groceries for delivery on Thursday.

These are some of the many benefits that Primero’s perpetual inventory system offers.

Lee Haddock, Assistant Food Service Director, Alvin ISD, TX
We have used Cybersoft Primero as our food service software for 2 years. I would highly recommend Primero as a software program for free and reduced processing. I love the scanner for meal applications. This is our first year using the on line meal application process and it has gone well for us. I have been with Amarillo ISD for 22 years and Cybersoft is the third software company that we used in our food service department. I would highly recommend Primero as a food service management program. Cybersoft is very responsive when there has been an issue with the program, but we have had very few issues with the software program. The Cybersoft support and implementation staff is great. When we have any questions we contact them and they get back with us in a timely manner.
Gail Penka, Meal Application Supervisor, Amarillo ISD, TX
Online applications are incredible! To date we have processed 17,551 applications. 9,823 were submitted online. That’s 56%. A few of the outstanding benefits are:

1. Processing time is one to two business days. Right now paper applications are taking 4 to 5 business days after they are received at my office. It might take two or more days to get here form the school.
2. No incomplete applications.
3. No lost applications or applications sitting on someone’s desk at the campus.
4. The applications are legible.
5. We will have 50% fewer applications to file. Less paper & less storage space required.

Needless to say I am very pleased with the [Primero] online applications program.

Matt Morgan, Food Service Director, Cypress Fairbanks ISD, TX
I know I have expressed appreciation for this before, but once again I want to tell you how WONDERFUL it is for me to be able to download my own Direct Cert files. I downloaded the huge file from the state on July 8, and a smaller one on July 13. We have already mailed out letters to parents and are now getting responses back from some of them, with questions or other information. This is so helpful to be able to get this far along before school ever starts. There are many things that you have updated/improved in the last two years, but this has to be my favorite. Thanks again for all you do for us.
Judy Denman, Food Service Director, Obion County Schools, TN
Food Services’ Computer System Saves Money and Increases Accountability

The installation of a new time and attendance tracking system has saved the district nearly $40,000 per month since September 2008. This system tracks nonexempt employees’ time and attendance by having them clock in and out at work-station computer terminals and replaces a manual paper-clocking process. The accurate “to the minute” time and attendance module was developed specifically for Food Services as an add-on module to the newly implemented automated cashiering and food-production management system. It is accessible through the lunchroom office computer in all school cafeterias. The system is also installed at convenient locations near employee entrances of the Food Service Support Facility. The computer system helps enforce district policies and also yields a higher level of accuracy for wages earned while “on the clock.”

The new computerized time and attendance tracking system was installed in May 2008 and is used by more than 2,100 food service employees. It has proved to reduce labor costs by:

avoiding unauthorized overtime when supervisors are not present
calculating hours automatically and in real-time reporting
increasing reporting accuracy

Board Meeting Agenda, Houston Independent School District, TX