Webbies - Marketing Your Cafeteria To Generation Z

Marketing Your Cafeteria to Generation Z

Watch this recorded PrimeroEdge Webbie to discover who makes up Generation Z and learn how cafeterias can attract these digital natives and their Millennial parents through technology and nutrition.

In This Webinar

Discover who makes up Generation Z and find out how this newest generation differs from Millennials. The “Gen Z cafeteria” might be more nutritious and technology focused than you might have thought.
Born into a digital world, students in Generation Z are often called “Digital Natives”. If Gen Z is constantly connected with technology, then schools need to use this medium to communicate with their students.
See how you can use technology to your advantage and create a digital community that connects students and parents to your cafeteria.
Millennial parents are more health-conscious and tech-savvy than previous parents. Discover why digital school menus are key to keeping their kids in your cafeterias.