Welcome to the new PrimeroEdge Blog!  We are thrilled to embark on a new online journey with you, one that we hope will further connect school nutrition professionals to each other, as well as the organizations, industry partners, and state agencies that work together every day to deliver nutritious school meals to students around the country.
Our goal in refocusing the PrimeroEdge Blog is to provide school nutrition professionals with a new resource for school nutrition news and information.  It’s exciting to see our community growing through our ability to interact online, particularly with the explosion in social media like Facebook and Twitter; engaging with one another and the public is easier, and more important, than ever.  School nutrition and childhood health have always been important topics to those of us who worked in the industry, and now public awareness and the media are finally catching up.  We love to see the world sit up and take notice of what we do, but we also believe that it’s important that everyone who works in the school nutrition profession continue to tell our own stories.

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The PrimeroEdge team is a group of people that are passionate about the school nutrition industry and have collectively acquired considerable knowledge during the dozen years or so that we have been working together.  We have among the team people with extensive school nutrition experience in their backgrounds including those that have worked as food service directors.  As we have worked closely with state agencies and school districts across the country, we have gained significant insights into school nutrition operational areas and have observed best practices and successful operations.  The purpose of this blog is to share some of that knowledge with you while learning from you at the same time.
We hope that you’ll bookmark this blog and check back often to read about school nutrition topics that are important to all of us.  We’ll be looking at the business end of things by exploring regulations and compliance; we’ll share best practices to help you make your program the best that it can be; we’ll show you how software and technology can help you improve operations; we’ll explore how to navigate everything from menu planning to program implementation to state agency reviews.  We believe you will find some of these articles helpful, especially, to improve processes or become more efficient in your operations, get higher participation, have satisfied students and parents.  When you have great ideas and successful practices, please share them with your peers in the comments.
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