As many of us know, school nutrition programs are large and sometimes complex organizations. With any large organizations, keeping track of employees is an important yet difficult task to accomplish. Therefore, it is crucial that school nutrition directors track what their employees are doing each day. Many of these employees receive pay on an hourly basis so monitoring their work schedule is vital This monitoring ensures that your district does not over pay, a common problem faced in the industry. An online program to help with this task will make sure everyone is working and receiving accurate pay. However, there are many other benefits to a simple employee time management system that are discussed throughout this post.
School Nutrtion Employee Management Software

Ease of use

These online employee time-management systems are user friendly so any staff member can understand it. All an employee has to do is log into the home screen using their ID number to clock in for the day. Thankfully, it is just as easy for the same employee to clock out after a long work day. When they log out at the end of the day they have the option to view their hours worked and their in and out times. This ensures that the employee is accountable and knows what hours the system recorded. The employees also have easy access to a comment section, which allows them to explain any extenuating circumstances to supervisors that may review their timesheet. At the end of the week an employee can verify the system has the right information by clicking on their weekly time sheet popup. All of these functions and options are right at the fingertips of the staff and requires little training from the department.

Efficient Use of Time

With an online time-management system school nutrition employees must no longer keep their hours on pen and paper. This saves time for both employees and supervisors who input their times into the computers. Instead of this old fashion method, the system’s information is automatically sent to the directors. This eliminates the need for any manual input. Furthermore, this type of system allows supervisors to look up an employee’s hours worked in no time at all. This helps conserve the precious, busy hours in their work days. Also, employees are no longer wasting time when they get to work because they enter their ID and clock in for work with little to no hassle.

Integration with the rest of the system

Typically this type of employee time-management technology is part of your school nutrition software and the integration between the two is seamless. Employees will be familiar with the system the interface building on the ease of use. This system may also be integrated with other modules in the software, allowing you to see all employee information including trainings, certifications and education. The ability to have this information accessible at the same time as their work hours will be beneficial in decision making as well as monitoring.

Monitoring tool

When it is important to access employee information this system allows you to quickly retrieve needed data. This serves as a monitoring tool to ensure that your employees are coming in when expected and working their assigned hours. (we know we’ve all had those employees who haven’t). This system also allows you to easily track employees’ schedules. This helps you keep an eye on the people who may have habits of showing up late or leaving early.
Clearly, ease of use, efficient time management, integration, and monitoring are all beneficial aspects of this technology. However, I am certain there are many more benefits. What have you gained from using an online system to track employee work hours? Would you recommend this type of system to a colleague in another school nutrition department?