Happy June to all our School Nutrition Edgers out there! I’m sure you’re brimming with excitement that summer is here!
Guess what? June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month. It’s a whole month of the calendar year set aside to increasing education around why eating fresh fruits and veggies is so important for overall health and wellness.
Although things tend to slow down a lot in the summer for some school nutrition programs, many of you are still hard at work serving summer meals to children in your community. The Summer Meals Program is growing in popularity, both among districts signing up to host feedings and children lining up to participate. This is great news, because as we all know, hunger doesn’t end when school does.
Since many of you will still be serving students this month, I wanted to provide you a one-stop shop for National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month materials. You can use the information below to help create promotions and unique educational activities for the children you serve, and help them learn the value and importance of eating their fruits and vegetables.

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month Resources

USDA Team Nutrition Resources  |  Link

  • Includes links to a variety of sites housing fact sheets, bulletin board resources, tip sheets, and recipes

USDA Food and Nutrition Service  |  Link

  • Includes information on how to promote fruits and veggies through a school wellness program

Fruits and Veggies: More Matters  |  Link

  • Entire website resource dedicated to promoting the use of fruits and veggies in daily meals
  • Would be a great resource to share on social media when targeting parents of children in your district

Food Champs  |  Link

  • Children’s version of the Fruits and Veggies: More Matters website
  • Includes an array of engaging and educational games geared toward children of all ages (you can select by age group)
  • Additional option to download and print out coloring sheets and activity pages, which could be used in your summer feeding program