To commemorate fall being in full swing, we decided to dive into the departure-of-summer spirit and give you some ideas to spruce up your cafeteria.
As different demographics celebrate Halloween, harvest and fall festivals in diverse fashions, we’d love to see what sort of tricky treats you have planned for your cafeteria. Be sure to send your photos our way ( or post on our Facebook Page) so we can highlight your unique creativity!

Fun Food Names
Without changing your existing menu cycle, come up with fun creative names to describe your frightening foods. Foods like spooky spaghetti, moonlit milk, howling hummus or creepy corndogs can add a bit of fun to your meals without deviating from your plan!

Dress Up
District permitting, get creative with your attire! Encourage the kitchen staff to dress up or keep it simple with hats, pins or shirts. We certainly do not want you to terrify your kids, so generic costumes such as cowboy/girl, doctor, fireman/woman or your favorite cartoon will add some enjoyment to your meal lines. Don’t want to buy a costume? Try putting together a goofy outfit from those decades-old, out-of-style threads that have made a permanent home in the back of your closet.

Transform your average cafeteria to something extravagant! Borders around bulletin boards, orange and black napkins, or placing fresh pumpkins around are quick and easy to create and disassemble when the festivities end.

Student Participation
Want to get your kids excited about school nutrition? Get them involved in the decoration process. This can be enjoyable for the students while also taking a load off of the kitchen staff.

Fall Recipes
Have extra apples, cinnamon and pumpkin products laying around? Try incorporating this fall fares into your current recipes. For those of you who are extra bold, take a look at offering allergy-free spooky snacks and treats.

Please feel free to share with us any creative ideas of your own that you have incorporated into your cafeteria. Share your phantom photos and scary stories with us at or post to our Facebook Page so we can feature you with our followers!
Enjoy your fall festivities!