School Lunch Hero Day

Name a superhero. Superman, or maybe Batman? Both good picks. What about the everyday heroes; the ordinary people that make life better for the rest of us? Police officers and firefighters often come to mind. But there’s another everyday hero that doesn’t always get the same recognition – school foodservice employees. Day in, day out, lunch staff serve millions of children; often with a smile and rarely with a thanks. Luckily, that appears to be changing.

The brainchild of Jarrett Krosoczka, School Lunch Hero Day celebrates all the lunch ladies (and men) who serve millions of students every week. On May 6, 2016, schools around the country will be celebrating the day as a way to give back to all the unsung heroes.

The Origins of School Lunch Hero Day

Author and illustrator Jarrett Krosoczka started his popular Lunch Lady book series after a visit to his old elementary school – Gates Lane School. In a fortuitist series of events, Krosoczka ran into a lunch lady from his childhood and an idea was born: what if the lunch staff serve food by day, but fight crime by night? A few years and 10 books later, Krosoczka’s idea of crime-fighting lunch ladies has not only won him acclaim, but more importantly it has shown the widespread love for lunch staff employees. Thus, School Lunch Hero Day was born.

Explaining his objective for the holiday, Krosoczka says,

“to give positive reinforcement to the women and men who work tirelessly in our nation’s school cafeterias . . . [and] encourage good citizenship within young people. It’s important that they learn to give thanks and gratitude for the work that is being done for them, and the lunch staff can often go overlooked.”

What You Can Do

There are many ways to show appreciation for the lunch staff at your school. Anything from balloons and flowers to inviting lunch staff to join in the morning news program are great ways to remind them they’re not forgotten. Below is a list of ideas schools and students can do this coming School Lunch Hero Day:

  • Arrange it so the cafeteria staff has lunch made for them. Even better: get students involved by having them help with creating the lunch
  • Create thank-you banners and hang them up across the cafeteria in the morning
  • Have students create images of the cafeteria staff as super heroes
  • Give out custom trophies to the staff. (For example: “Most likely to make you smile” or “Funniest chef”)
  • Make cards or paper flowers and have students give them out to the staff during lunch

Resources To Help

School Lunch Hero Day’s website offers a variety of resources schools can download for free to help celebrate – a big plus if you’re on a time crunch. There you can find everything from logos and banners to modifiable press releases. At 10:00 am and 1:00 pm EST, Jarrett Krosoczka is offering a free webcast giving drawing lessons and sharing stories of School Lunch Heroes.

Be sure to check out our previous blog post about School Lunch Hero Day from last year to see how some schools celebrated the holiday.