Article Updated On: October 17th, 2016


Summer is here, and that gives school nutrition professionals two reasons to celebrate: not only is school out for the summer, the School Nutrition Association’s Annual National Conference comes right around the corner soon after, every summer! The past annual conference, which was be held July 10-13 in San Antonio, Texas, was three days of learning, sampling, having fun and meeting other industry professionals from across the country.

Most school nutrition professionals will agree that ANC is the big time. But if you’re also a PrimeroEdge customer, you know of another annual event that you don’t want to miss – the PrimeroEdge National User Group Meeting (UGM)! If you’re still on the fence about attending the UGM next year, here are the top ten reasons why you should.

#1 – Double Up

July 9th was the official date of the 2016 PrimeroEdge National User Group Meeting – just one day before ANC, it was also held in San Antonio.  So for those who were already headed to the Lone Star State for ANC; arriving early to attend a free educational event was a no-brainier! Arriving early also gave our customers one more day to settle in, relax and do some shopping or sight-seeing before beginning the hustle and bustle that is ANC.

#2 – Learn More

Every year, the  PrimeroEdge National User Group Meeting is all about YOU, our customers! This past event’s educational sessions and activities were all designed to help you improve your program’s operations. Every year, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about our products and services, hear from industry experts about important topics like marketing and menu planning, and find out what’s coming from PrimeroEdge at our “Big Reveal.”

#3 – Win Big!

Next year be sure to show up to be automatically entered to win some pretty awesome prizes- you don’t want to miss out!

One of last year’s lucky winners poses with her new iPad.

#4 – Play Games

With PrimeroEdge, meetings and conferences aren’t something boring to dread! We spice things up by hosting fun games, don’t be afraid to let your competitive side show with us. And for those who have a naturally competitive spirit, we expect you there next year to earn some of our prizes!

#5 – Meet the Family

We want to meet you! Join us to put names to faces and get acquainted with the team that helps your program achieve excellence day in and day out. This event allows you to get to know the PrimeroEdge staff on a more personal level, to build new and solidify existing relationships with those who serve you. So plan well ahead to see us in 2017!

Get to know the friendly faces you may only know from over the phone or behind a computer screen. We can’t wait to meet you!

#6 – Eat Up!

Another perk of our conference? You can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner on us! Last year, breakfast and lunch was catered during the meeting and when at its conclusion, our guests were invited to an exclusive dinner at Boudro’s Texas Bistro! We all enjoyed a delicious meal and complimentary wine and beer while enjoying the sights and sounds of the San Antonio Riverwalk- did you miss out on the fun with us?! Not to worry, there’s always next year.

PrimeroEdge users and team members enjoy a delicious dinner at the 2015 National User Group Meeting.

#7 – Get the Inside Scoop

Meet other PrimeroEdge users and hear their success stories. Find out how our software works for them, and learn helpful strategies and “hacks” for making our software work for your program.

#8 – Network with Peers

Link up with other PrimeroEdge users from your state or surrounding area, exchange information and build friendships. Use this meeting to make connections with others for future programs, conferences or collaborations.

#9 – Get Answers

Have specific questions about our software, or want to chat with a PrimeroEdge team member one-on-one? With next year’s “Help Desk”, our team members will assist you in finding the answers to your most pressing PrimeroEdge questions.

There you have it: the top highlights from our 2016 PrimeroEdge National User Group Meeting.

Did you miss us in 2016? No worries, we’ll be back in 2017 and posting more details for our conference as the date approaches!