Have you checked out PEP Talks, our PrimeroEdge podcast? Once a month, we dish out a full serving of child nutrition news. These podcasts feature our hosts interviewing child nutrition experts on topics of importance and interest to members of our industry. We chat with our guests about it all – from new strategies for increasing participation, like the Munchie Machine or the Chow Bus, to programs at schools that increase engagement, like the Farm Lab or in-house taste tests.

What Would You Like to Hear About?

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We always strive to provide our listeners with interesting and valuable content. So, we want to hear from you! What topics would you like to hear about – or tell us about – on our podcast? If your district is participating in a new, exciting program this year, if there is a notable industry expert involved in your program, if you have any suggestions at all – we want to hear them!

Please leave your topic/guest suggestions for our podcast in the comments below. You can also contact Content Specialist (and PEP Talks host) Cheyenne Meyer at Cheyenne.Meyer@PrimeroEdge.com if you have an idea you’d like to discuss in greater detail. We look forward to hearing from you!