If you work in child nutrition (and your district doesn’t participate in summer feeding), summer is a time of relaxation, time with family and friends, and a break from the office or kitchen. After closing up the month of July, we know that August – and the madness that we call “back to school” – is right around the corner. Here are a few gifs* that represent the various stages of back to school for child nutrition programs.

Clocking Out on the Final Day of School

Vacation: Expectation

Beach Scene

 Vacation: Reality

Simpsons on the Beach

 Trying New Hobbies

Bob Ross

Getting in Shape

Cat Working Out

When That Thought Crosses Your Mind About Going Back to School…

Crabman from My Name is Earl

But Then You Think, “Nah, it’s okay. I’ve got two more months!”

No, I'm good

Attending Mandatory Training

Boss Baby Falling Asleep

When You Realize Summer is Almost Over

Buddy the Elf

The Week Before School Starts

Spongebob and Patrick Freaking Out

The Morning of the First Day of School

The Breakfast Rush

Stampede of Puppies

Seeing This Face Peeking At You Over the Counter

Martin Looking at Plate of Food

Cleaning Up Before the Lunch Rush

Wizard Magically Cleaning Dishes

When Someone Tries to Leave Your Line Without a Fruit or Vegetable

Maya Rudolph

When It’s Time to Clock Out for the Day

Kid President Dancing

You and Your Team Survived Your First Day Back!

Baseball Team Celebration

Thank you for your commitment to feeding bodies and fueling minds! We are so grateful for all of the caring individuals who are feeding the future of America. We hope you have a great back to school!

*All gifs found on Giphy.com