Students and parents might notice a change when they log into SchoolCafé. The platform has received a top to bottom makeover. The idea behind the new design is straightforward: simplify the navigation to streamline use.

While all the same features are available to students and parents, popular tools have now been brought front and center to save time. The main side navigation is now condensed to reduce the amount of separate pages students and parents need to visit for menus, payments, or applying for applications.

Daimien Burks, the Product Owner of SchoolCafé and the lead on the new changes, “spent several months rebuilding SchoolCafé from the ground-up in order to modernize the design, simplify the navigation, and make every feature available across all of our supported platforms. For example, users who previously were limited to using the SchoolCafé website in order to fill out a meal application or respond to verification will now have access to those features directly within the mobile app”.