At our 2nd Annual Edge Summit in March of 2018, our customers were kind enough to share their thoughts on PrimeroEdge. We asked users what their favorite piece of the software is, and how it has changed their school nutrition operations. Watch the video or read the transcript below to hear what they had to say.

[Matt Antignolo] The POS module has helped us with speed of service, with accountability, and our ability to be precise and accurate with our claims.

[Tony Hazelwood] It’s so well integrated with our application scanning. We’ve been through three ARs now and we’ve never had any issues with accuracy.

[Matt Antignolo] I’m very excited about ExpressPoint. We have some CEP campuses where the elementary lines are very slow. If I can have access to some sort of pad and a second cashier to help alleviate that line, I think it’d be a great benefit and make the principals very happy at those campuses.

[Kathy Huey] Team Work is really nice. We started using that right when it came out, and that has been a lifesaver trying to keep everybody’s hours organized for professional standards. We have really enjoyed that. Any inservices we teach,  anything that they go to, we log it in there and we just printed it out for our AR to show the reviewer, and it was very nice.

[Brianne Pulver] My favorite module is definitely SchoolCafe TV. I love that I can just press one button and all of my menus just load up into something that’s visually aesthetic. We find that that’s going to really help draw more kids in. When they’re in their study halls they’re watching a constant rotation of what’s going to be on the menu that day.

[Rick Kenkel] We had a competitor software that we’ve used for about 15 years. We just saw some glitches where it wasn’t taking items out of inventory. Now, we’re seeing that our inventory is flowing correctly. We put it on a production record, we withdraw it from inventory, and magically, our inventory is spot-on.

[Amy Barta] I like Inventory a lot. It helps us to move food around within the district and know exactly what we have at all times. We’re able to really stay on top of having what we need all the time. It’s really helpful when our Gordon truck doesn’t deliver something. We can actually go in – and the managers can too – we can go in and see who has those items, and where we might be able to borrow from, and that’s a huge time savings.

[Lauren Jones] PrimeroEdge is so forward thinking, and I love to see what’s coming next so that’s been exciting.