It’s that time of the year, verification is here! No need to fret, because at PrimeroEdge we strive to make this process as seamless as possible. The technology built into our website, coupled with our SchoolCafé application, will help you take on verification this school year. As the time approaches, make sure to consider the key points below as we have improved our methods this year, to better serve you and your parents!

  • On October 1st– Create that Sample!

    Go to Student Eligibility > Verification > Sampling

    1. Select Standard (unless you have been approved to use an alternate sampling method).

    2. Click Generate Sample.

    3. Check the number of Sites and number of Applications to confirm that they are correct.

  • Process Direct Verification Applications:

    For each application, determine if you can verify it directly using resources from your state (possibly a file or a website).

    Follow the process below if an application is directly verified:

    Go to Student Eligibility > Verification > Tracking

    1. Select the directly verified application by clicking on the link associated with the application number.

    2. Scroll to the bottom and select the Direct Verification radio button.

    3. Click Verification Complete, then Yes, then click Print Completion Notice.

  • Process Other Applications:

    Go to Student Eligibility > Verification > Tracking

    For each application:

    1. 1st Notice:

      Print and send out first (1st) notice for all applications in the Incomplete Status.

    2. Record Responses:

      For each response, go into the application and enter the received supporting information. Click Save if you expect to receive more information from the parent/guardian, or click “Verification Complete” if all information has been received and entered appropriately.

    3. Follow up:

      10 days after the first notice, send follow up notifications for any application for which you have not yet received a response.

    4. Record Responses, continued:

      Continue to record responses as they come in, and 10 days after the follow up notification, you can send an additional notice (optional).

As you may be able to tell, PrimeroEdge Verification is simple and efficient for the Application Processor. But what about the parents? How do we accommodate their need to easily submit verifying documents? The answer is SchoolCafé Verification!

The parents can choose to not respond, or they can submit their qualifying documents on a computer or even a mobile device to verify their student’s eligibility status.

These records are automatically sent to the same PrimeroEdge Verification Tracking page used for all applications. The consolidation of all information into one user-friendly page is what sets PrimeroEdge apart. Additionally, the amount of resources available to you truly makes Verification troubles a thing of the past. These supplements, and more, can be found in our Amigo help guide (within the Library section) as seen below:

  • Sign up here for one of our live Q&A webinars: Wednesday, September 19th from 1:00-2:00 PM CDT
  • Tuesday, September 25th from 9:00 – 10:00 AM CDT
  • Tuesday, September 25th from 1:00-2:00 PM CDT