With the release of our latest module, Inspections, PrimeroEdge now offers districts an online dashboard to inspect, approve, and review sites from one central location.

The extremely manual process of paper inspections and data entry into electronic systems can be time consuming and expensive in terms of man hours. PrimeroEdge Inspections allows districts to perform inspections with less people, reducing overhead expenses. Because our inspection module lets districts inspect more often, there is an increased chance to catch equipment needs sooner or prevent potential food loss, which can be an expensive burden.

Districts can now have a global view across all their sites and see which inspections are in progress and which are pending approvals.

Inspectors can inspect sites from any mobile device, including their phones. Create custom inspection templates or use a pre-installed template to be up and running instantly.

By centralizing the entire inspection process, PrimeroEdge now makes it easier to review your sites at a glance.

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