We want every student has the opportunity to participate in the lunch program. A large percentage of students rely on that in-school meal as their only meal for the day and therefore imperative that student eligibility applications are filled out and sent in.

How do we make sure that every student gets the opportunity to apply for free and reduced meals and encourage online application participation?  Well, here few effective strategies to promoting your online school free and reduced meal applications!


Never underestimate the simplicity and effectiveness of a good email. While we are constantly bombarded by electronic communications, emails still have successful outcomes. When it comes to messaging, short and simple is the way to go. Think about things that personally grab your attention and use those tactics to promote your online applications. Just make sure to add the link or the appropriate steps to take to successfully apply for student eligibility program.


A landing page is a fancy way of saying web page. While it is not completely necessary to create one, it can definitely be an asset in helping your efforts to increase participation in online applications. By creating a landing page, you have the ability to create a one stop shop of knowledge and information regarding school meal eligibility applications for your community. This web page can become a hub of information that can include frequently asked questions, a roadmap to the application process, and the actual application itself! 


Handouts and print outs are definitely not out of the question. While we may all think that digital is the way to go, we should never underestimate the power of a simple flyer. A quick one pager can have enough information and eye catching graphics to route traffic towards your online applications. Throw in a link or even a QR code to a landing page or the application itself! Turn your handout into an infographic and you’ll have a collection of imagery and charts that can easily portray the online student meal eligibility application process. Quick and easy to read!


Make it known! Posters and flyers around campus can bring awareness to the availability of online applications. Get your student council involved and promoting this initiative. The more the information is visually available the easier it is for it to stick and help students bring that information home to their parents.


If your district or school offers an app of some sort, similar to SchoolCafé, with the capability of notifications and announcements, this is the way to go! Now that everyone is glued to their phones, there’s no better way to get a message across than with push notifications. Get the word out and get the links to the applications out. What a better way to get traffic to an online application than when someone is already on their phone. Just click and go!


Bring it back to the basics and get your teachers to participate in this initiative! Teacher engagement is crucial as they have daily face time with students that ultimately helps cultivate a unique rapport that can help bring online application participation. 


If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! It’s all about connecting with people through avenues that are most comfortable to them. The reach you can have with a single tweet or a Facebook post, can turn into increased engagement.