Back-to-school means back to the warm and steady comfort of routines and the circus juggling of packed schedules.  As with any change of pace it’ll take a few weeks to get into the right groove but don’t let your cafeteria fall into chaos. We have a few tips and reminders here to help you get your lunchrooms ready for a new school year!

Showcase New Menu Items

Increase your meal participation by showcasing your new menu additions and give the kids something to look forward to! Exposure to new and healthy foods can go a long way in getting even the pickiest of kids on board to expand their palettes. 

  • Display bright and colorful images of your menu items to on your digital menu boards like our SchoolCafeTV. Appealing images of food will increase interest and get those taste buds watering.
  • You can even send home the month’s menu so that students can have a copy to stick on the fridge!

Promote Online Applications

Some eligible students may not get the meal benefits they need due to the hassle perceived by their parents to complete free-and-reduced applications. By offering and promoting online meal applications you can show parents how simple and easy it is to apply.  More applications means more students approved and increased meal participation for your schools! 

Set a Healthy Eating Example

Back-to-school also means getting back into the good habits that all students need for a successful school year. Set the example for your students by emphasizing the importance of healthy meals, especially to those have forgotten what “healthy” even means over summer break!  

  • Encourage a healthy breakfast to get your kids in the right direction with their health and learning. Studies show that children who eat a good breakfast are more likely to perform better in school and avoid obesity.
  • Educate students on making smarter food choices in their diets. It’s been shown that individuals who learn good eating habits as children are likely to carry these habits into adulthood.
  • Use your mobile POS to bring breakfast, lunch, or even snacks directly to the classroom. Ensure that your students are getting fed and eating nutritiously!

Prioritize Safety

Keep your students and staff safe by practicing proper kitchen and food safety. The last thing your schools need is a bunch of sick students and staff due to kitchen missteps. Viruses and foodborne illnesses can spread quickly and create havoc to your operations and your students. Be sure to post helpful signs and reminders in your kitchen to emphasize safety protocol even when you aren’t there. 

Need some pointers? Check out our Inspections 101 E-book

Utilize Your Resources 

A new school year means new faces in the lunchroom! That includes staff!!  Make sure to keep your training resources accessible to newcomers to promote a smooth start to operations and spend less time troubleshooting!