Verification time is here! Check out the sections below to refresh yourself about the verification process.


We recommend that the sample be generated one business day after October 1st. Most districts use the standard sampling method which requires that 3% or 3000 applications, whichever is less, be pulled from the total number of applications. Some districts may qualify for alternate sampling methods based on the response rates from previous verifications. The district will need to select the sampling method option that they are approved for.

To create the sample, navigate to Student Eligibility > Verification > Sampling

  1. Select the Standard sampling method (unless your district has been approved to use an alternate sampling method)
  2. Click the Generate Sample button
  3. Confirm that the number of sites and applications are correct

If the sample was generated after October 1st then the Sample Complete column will list True. The Generate Sample button will be grayed out after the sample is generated. But if the sample was generated prior to October 1st then the Sample Complete column will list False. The Generate Sample button is still available even after the sample is generated.


To process applications for verification, navigate to Student Eligibility > Verification > Tracking

Steps to process direct verification applications

  1. Determine which application you can directly verify using state resources (website, file, etc.)
  2. Select the application number on the tracking page which will bring up the application view window that is defaulted to the Verification tab
  3. Select Yes for the first verification question – Were all students directly verified?
  4. Choose whether the status will be free or reduced from the drop down
  5. Click the Verification Complete button and print the Completion Notice letter

Steps to process all other applications

  1. Print and send out the 1st notice for all applications that are in Verification Incomplete status
  2. Select the application number on the tracking page and enter in supporting information that was received from the parent or guardian on the Verification tab
  3. Click the Save button if you expect to receive more information or click the Verification Complete button if you have received and entered in all information from the parent or guardian
  4. Print and send out the follow up notification letter for applications that you did not receive a response from (usually 10 days or however many days the district has set since the 1st notice was sent)
  5. Make sure to check and complete verification for the No Response applications by November 15th

During verification, applications become inactive if a student gets unenrolled or moves to another school. To remove these applications from verification, click the Check for Inactive Applications button on the tracking page. If removing the inactive applications result in the sample being less than the required amount (3% or 3000 applications) then PrimeroEdge will notify you to add applications to complete the sample.

Verification Resources

PrimeroEdge has updated and provided additional resources to help make this year’s verification process even smoother! Check out the following verification resources in Amigo.

If you have any questions about verification then please email Customer Care at or call our support number at 866-442-6030.