The Candy Question

It’s almost that time of year that, although fun and festive, many school administrators dread. The week after trick-or-treat, many kids consume hoards of sugar-filled sweets that lead to many of them literally bouncing off the walls. Although candy bans may mitigate these risks, let’s be honest – kids are going to be kids. Whether they bring candy to class to barter with their friends and discard the undesirable confections (I’m looking at you smarties) or a full confiscating candy ban is your plan, the candy question may still be on your mind – “What do I do with all of these excess treats?”


When we think of donating, we usually think of clothes, shoes, meals, money, or time. If you take a step back though, think about that small moment of joy you experience when you see a bowl filled with little chocolate bars and fruity candies. 

You can give several people that same kind of joy by finding a local charity that will gladly accept your sweet donations. Whether you are supporting children, the hungry, the homeless or sending soldier care packages, there are many charitable agencies that can put those extra treats towards a good cause! I would recommend organizations such as:

  • The Ronald McDonald House
  • Operation Gratitude or Halloween Candy Buy Back
    • Technically, kids will “sell” their candy in this case, but the buyback is being held at a local business. However, these businesses end up sending the candy to our troops. It keeps less candy away from kids, promotes local business, and gives back all in one!
  • Your local food soup kitchen, homeless shelter, food pantry, or retirement/nursing home. 

No one said we have to wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas to start giving back to others!

Get Crafty, Make Festive Sustainable Crafts

Recently we’ve talked a lot about food waste and eco-friendly products. Since the holidays are upon us anyways, try and find some ways to use those candies for fun crafts! Here are some ideas we’ve found that anyone can easily do:

  • Save it for next year and use it to make a Halloween wreath!
  •  With Christmas around the corner, you can use some candy for decorating gingerbread houses or simple DIY gifts for friends and coworkers.
  • When you’re eating some along the way (because who doesn’t?!), use some of the wrappers to make headbands, coasters, bracelets, and much more wild ideas! I would recommend checking some of them out here.

Actually eat it!

Let us explain! You deserve a treat too! We all indulge a little bit and it’s unfortunate that we’re too old to trick-or-treating. Take a couple of pieces for yourself and have your coworkers do the same! 

Additionally, if you’re looking to try out new desserts and snacks, use the candy! There are a ton of recipes out there for trail mix, pretzel snacks, brownies, and more. Now they’re not going to be USDA compliant, but no one said you couldn’t these at home!

We would also like to remind you to send us any festive fall photos of creative food items, cafeteria decorations or anything else you would like to share for us to feature in future blog posts. Email to share!

Have a safe and festive Halloween!