In part one, PrimeroEdge’s Customer Care Director, Audene Chung, shared with us some engaging ideas to promote a holiday event – a collaboration between the school cafeterias and the onsite school administration staff. Whenever there is food, celebration, and children involved, people will come out in the masses. Holiday events are a great opportunity to showcase your food and services while partnering with the entire school district community. These events can be a way for your school to demonstrate that students are the number one priority.

Continue reading below to check out more ideas from Audene about what to include in the making of a successful holiday event!

  1. Build a festive atmosphere for your dining room by including background music or have the school band or orchestra play music while visiting adults enjoy their meal.

  2. Charge your parents a standard meal price of an amount like $5.00, where a portion covers the meal price and the remaining amount can be donated to the school for fundraising.

  3. Set up an additional serving line outside in the dining room/cafeteria seating area to handle adult patrons. Use catering type chafing dishes and set up a buffet line outside of the traditional serving line to assist with long lines.

  4. Have a separate beverage station with water and ice tea for adults to serve themselves.

  5. Offer a vegetarian option for those who request it.

  6. Have an aesthetically pleasing sample plate to showcase the special holiday lunch. To get inspiration, think high-end steakhouse plate presentation.

  7. Get the dietitian to set up a table with some nutrition education resources and have the dietitian direct adults to SchoolCafé Menus to check out menus and nutrition information available in the SchoolCafé app and web-portal.

  8. Everyone loves swag or a goodie bag so think about providing a decorated cookie, miniature pumpkin pie with a recipe card, or another holiday treat as a parting gift.

  9. Be sure to have someone take lots of photos of the food and fun going on so you can use for your website, social media, recipe contests, future promotional activities, and food samplings.

  10. Make it a team effort! If possible, have the entire school staff team wear an event t-shirt or shirt of the same color so if visiting adults need help they will know to go to the school team member wearing that shirt.

This concludes Customer Care’s two-part blog series on holiday events. PrimeroEdge wants to wish our customers all the best during this holiday season!